questionswhy are my posts disappearing?


Don't know about the tuesdaymorning deal, but I would bet that the fishing deal was deleted because it's not active yet. Deals.woot takes a dim view on pre-posting deals.

edit: The other post of the free fishing day appears to have been deleted, as well. And here's a link to the most recent user-generated FAQ:

Another edit: you aren't' the only one who's had problems with tuesdaymorning deals:


Is it just me, or has this question appeared about once a day ever since the woot revamp?


I know where your comment went - there was a massive spam cannon launched early in the evening yesterday (Pacific time) and in the middle of the laser deployment needed to PEW PEW it all away, your post clearly got caught in the cross fire. Careful as we are with the lasers, that happens on rare occasion.

Sorry about that.

Also, yeah. No pre-deals, sorry. Day of. That's the word around these parts. :)