questionsis there an alternate ending to the wizard of oz?


Nope. Urban legend, so to speak. Although, in the book the slippers were silver, so there's that.


So how is it possible for an entire group of people to have a recollection of this? It's like a UFO sighting


@ryanwb: The mind does funny things. It's possible that having heard of the possible ending, your unconsciously imagined it pulling in the image from an earlier scene, the Wicked Witch's ruby slippers sticking out from the house that fell on her, and added it to the end. Over time, it becomes real in your head. The term in psychology is a false memory.

I sometimes call it backfilling memories, but it's a false memory just the same. I had a discussion with an older gentlemen telling me stories about life in the US during WWII. I reminded him that he was born a day before the Battle of the Bulge and the war would end in less than a year. And it turned out that he had created those memories from the stories his father and other relatives had told him.


I've seen where people think in one of the animated shows based off of Oz that had the mentioned ending and somehow people got that in their heads.


There isn't really a lot of alternate endings or deleted scene material left from that era in movies. Re-shooting a scene again was costly and when it did happen they usually didn't keep both sets of footage. Home video still had half a century before becoming commonplace so there was really no reason to store cut footage. That isn't to say absolutely none of it exists but most people who claim to have seen an alternate version of some classic movie are lying or misremembering.

I think the key to the 'mystery' here though is that The Wizard of Oz has been adapted a ridiculous number of times in every way possible. The story itself is public domain, so there's been a silent version, a Russian cartoon, an anime cartoon, TWO Muppets versions (Babies & regular), a Hello Kitty version, countless stage shows, etc. It seems nearly every 80s/90s cartoon from Care Bears to Animaniacs did it. Probably one of these has that ending, and that's why people are confused.


The one where Dorothy and the rest of the gang are eaten by the flying monkeys?


@first2summit: I had a grand mal seizure at 16 that, for the most part, wiped my hard drive. I might have a minute, all told, of real memories of my childhood, in five or ten second snatches. But I have watched old home movies and my mom and grandmother have told me lots of stories, and my brain has made artificial memories out of this information in an effort to fill the huge blanks. The only way I can tell my handful of true memories from the myriad false ones is that my real memories are always very focused on light. The character of the light, the angle, the way it bounces off surfaces. There's also no emotional associations with the false memories, nor any temperature. My artificial memories are crisp and clear, like movies. It's kind of odd, wondering how much of what I feel like I remember is even true, or misremembered by my family and then imprinted as fact on my brain. I think of it as the legend of my childhood rather than the truth of it.


It was from an ad using the movie's actual footage. I don't know what product, but I remember the seamless transition which was very high tech for the time. The ad was years later than the premier, but during the time when it was seen every year at thanksgiving. The ad appeared as a commercial during the movies showing. Using the actual footage in the ad easily explains the 20/20 hindsight error. If I hadn't noticed, I too would have imprinted the alternative ending.