questionswhat do you think about bumblebee being a camaro…


I was mad at first, but I have come to accept it. He's more of a bad ass as a Camero. If he was anew Beetle they might as well have painted him in rainbow colors.


Bumblebee is a bug. I have the collectibles to prove it.


definite improvement. Anyway, moot point since the movie made it clear they can change their form at will... as bumblebee did in the tunnel. He could be a but or camaro as he chose.


I don't know, but I think I remember hearing it might be due to a licensing issue that they don't use the old Bumblebee/VW Beetle anymore.

CG Movie Bumblebee and cartoon Bumblebee don't bother me, but Bumblebee figures based on them do. I don't have any of the Bumblebee figures except for one from the War for Cybertron series, but in my opinion, the vast majority of Bumblebee Camaro figures on the market look like crap.