questionsany home canners out there?


Thanks. I actually wanted to get them to put homemade granola in for gifts.
Need to get the plastic easy screw on/off lids to go with. Unless I can find some metal non canning ones.

Rereading what you wrote @moondrake : What is B& sale suppose to mean ? I thought maybe you meant store only ? I hope I can order for store pick up . Our store doesn't have much of anything.


My momma cans salsa a couple times a year, thanks for the post, I'll scoop some up!


@ceagee: It means I was typing faster than I should have been. I meant B&M, as in Brick and Mortar, as you guessed. :)


@ceagee: Yum! And will you be sending these out to some of your favorite fellow Wootizens? (Or at least sharing your recipe?)

@davidschronic: Same question!

I used to do some canning. Still have lots of the equipment, but haven't canned anything in years. However, so many craft projects call for mason jars, these would be a good deal for non-canners, too. Thanks for posting, @moondrake!


check your local sam's club. the two in my area have 1 pint, 12 jar packs on clearance for $9.91. I was at one the other day and they still had about 30 boxes left.

edit: make that all three stores near me have them on clearance.


I've canned for years and years. I don't actually need jars, because I have one zillion of them. Okay, maybe not quite a zillion, but I'm close.

Those "blue heritage jars" have been everywhere of late, including Michael's. They make me a bit nervous, truthfully. Older Kerr and Atlas and Ball jars were often green, to provide protection from sunlight for the food (or so I was told as a child). I'm not sure what that blue color is all about, but I didn't see that they were "mason" jars, and I'm glad you posted that sale. The box has a nice, clear "mason" (this means that they can be used for canning, including pressure cooking). On the other hand, that's a lot of money for six pint jars. They're pretty enough, but I usually see a dozen pint jars between $8 and $12.

Here's some on Amazon:

I think the blue ones are pretty, but for crafts, not for food.


I still can tomatoes, but only in quart jars.


@shrdlu: I have a very old blue canning jar that was given to me by my grandmother. It has a little story about the jar in it, in my great grandmother's handwriting, saying that this was one of her mother's (so my great, great grandmother) canning jars. So, apparently, at some point in the past, there were blue jars used for canning.


@gt0163c: Oh, absolutely there were blue canning jars. I have some that were my grandmother's (who was probably born around the same time as your great great grandmother). They just aren't quite that same color of blue as the jars in question.

I have the old zinc lids that I took from my mother's pantry a few years ago, and there's one with my handwriting (I was about six or seven at the time), many with my mother's handwriting, and one dated 1924 that was written by my grandmother. I see some of the jars I have in my pantry for sale on eBay, and at various antique stores, but I would never give mine up. Besides, for the most part, I still use them.

Mason jars are forever.


@moondrake : There is now a little note under them that says : 15% off your order and free store pickup.
Not exactly the nice discount you saw. Maybe on Friday........


@ceagee: The sale flyer I was referring to said he sale was Friday through Sunday. That's why I posted it as a discussion rather than a deal. No online link and the deal isn't live yet.


@moondrake: tired. I think it came out wrong. I didn't mean it to sound snarky w/ the "not exactly the discount....yada yada"
I got that you were posting early the store ad on Friday. I just thought I would note the update the website {so far}
My disappointment was for the website , not you !

Our local store carries very little of anything it seems. Small town. So hoping I can get a good sale online and order !
I wish I lived near a Sam's club.{Better yet, a Costco} They have twice as many for the current price. Going to ask my niece if she lives near one, and belongs.


This is a great deal, and they just happened to send me $20.00 free money from previous purchase, I love our ACE store, they Great!!


I've never been able to find a large enough can.