questionsare you ready for baseball?


Is that like cricket? Because I've got money on South Africa for the Ashes...

Actually, I'm looking forward to going to some minor league games this year.


Yep, can't wait until the Cardinals start playing for real.

It is still strange how MLB started the season for a couple of teams, but not all.


Very ready. Got my subscription and I've been peeking in on spring training games from time to time.


Since I prefer college baseball over MLB, I've already been watching for a few weeks now.


My 3 y.o. did a happy dance when his dad brought up a pre-season game on And then my mom, who was in the other room, cheered that baseball is back. I think this household is more than ready.


Rotisserie auction is Sunday morning, so, yes, I'm amped.

Plus, living in Los Angeles and learning that though he retains part ownership of the land surrounding the stadium, Frank McCourt will get no revenue from the parking lots, I'm finally going to be able to go back to Dodger Stadium.


Oh yeah! I already bought my tickets to the Cardinals' home opening weekend Sunday game vs. the Cubs.


Go Rockies! The NL West is ours this year!


No, Really!

Why is everyone laughing?


Sorry. Baseball and basketball leave me completely cold. This is the worst time of year in sports as far as I'm concerned.


Indeed I am. Let's Go Yankees!


@elforman: I'm an Angels fan so I can't say I love the Dodgers, but I was so happy when the sale was announced. I just wish Frank McCourt didn't walk away richer for having done so much wrong to that franchise and Major League Baseball.


Lets Go BUCO's!!! Home Opener is next Thursday against Phillies...

Tailgating starts 10:00am SHARP!


My fantasy baseball draft is tomorrow. So exciting!


Yes, yes, yes! Within our household of four, we have a Cubs fan, a White Sox fan and a Cardinals fan. Baseball season is very interesting around here! Plus we get to watch our son play Little League. Love it when Spring rolls around!