questionsis it time for woot to update the color algorithm…


...and? What's your desired alteration? I would assume you're looking for greater granularity in the strata as the numbers go higher, but I'm curious if that's really what you mean. Right now it's pseudo-logarithmic it seems, but that does match up with the relative import of each buy, when it comes to use behavior.


I was just having this conversation last night. Someone I know just hit 100 and was saying that they were better than everyone else and I saw a couple of posts where the person said they had 400+. Maybe if you hit higher landmarks (200, 300, 500..), you can get a colored halo around your black square.


@psaux: I was just thinking back to the blog post about how they proportioned black squares to the .1% ( I was wondering what the numbers look like now and whether the black squares are still only .1% of the woot community. So, like you pointed out, it's not so much of an algorithm update but more of a proportion update.


Took me over 4 years to get my black square, so I'm sure others are bound to have hit it much much earlier.


@joshaw: Only one way to find out. We'll go right to the source, and ask him.

@snapster, are you planning on changing the numbers for who has a black square, and perhaps introducing some further granularity into the mix. I recall that the last recomputation was in the Autumn of 2009, and while I don't care myself (I've always thought I was better than anyone else, black square or not), it is an interesting question.

Personally, I'm fine with where it is. Of course, I have no idea about the growth of the number of people who have purchased more than 100 things. This last three-day Woot Off was certainly helpful (albeit quite painful, since Wine dot Woot was involved).

Comments? We're all waiting, just holding our communal breath.


They could even keep the squares the same and just give out an extra black box for every additional 100 woots. I hit 300 the other night.


if it ain't broken don't fix it


@chipgreen: I think there's a 12-Step program for that. Just out of idle curiosity, what sorts of stuff do you buy? Home goods? Electronics? Gifts for others? Where in the world do you put it all?

(I should mention here that I'm a well-known packrat, buying things I expect to be in need of in a few months and then giving them, unused, to charity three years later.)


@magic cave: I used to buy a lot of items for resale purposes but the deals and items generally aren't as compelling as they used to be so my regular wooting has slowed way down in the past year. However, I have developed an interest in wine and have been buying plenty of it, mostly from wine.woot.