questionsanyone else having account issues?


If you haven't already, please write to with your problem. They should be informed and also hopefully be able to help you out. Good luck!


If your shipping information is the same as your billing information, try fixing your billing address first, then fix your shipping address. If that doesn't work, definitely shoot an email to, be sure to include your account email address.


Email with your old address and the one you are trying to change it to. Is it just replacing the city or is it a completely different address? Give as much info as you can.


@goldenthorn: I was refunded for my purchases, but no solution with correcting my account info. thanks for trying!


@thumperchick: it seems as though there is something a little buggy, I changed my billing info, as per your advice, which worked although it didn't like my address(it suggested I could use another new adress ha ha) then wouldn't update after my edit. Its weird and frustrating. thanks for the good advice


@thunderthighs: hey thanks for looking. its weird, it is just changing the street name. I tried customer service but to no avail. i've used this account for years with no problems, just these last items shipped to the wrong address and when I looked at my account the street name had changed. it must be a ghost in the machine telling me to move.


@furnburn: Try a couple things. Delete your address altogether if it will let you. Haven't tried this so not sure that you can.

Log out.
Log in.
Try again.

If that doesn't work, could you please PM the old and desired address and exactly what it's changing?

Here's a direct link to PM me....


Also, your browser may have some sort of form auto-fill feature on it. If you entered your address wrong before, your browser could be remembering the wrong street and over-laying what you enter. Try to clear this... in IE you can do Ctrl+Shift+Del and then make sure the Form data option is checked then click Delete.
Generally the form data option doesn't over-lay stuff you enter, but you might have some weird add-ons or toolbars that do something similar. Just a thought.