have this desktop computer i need to…


some of the larger artist portfolio cases are about that big.

no1 no1

You could get married/move in and solve that problem...or not. Get a tablet...or not. Get a smartphone....or not. I don't have a real answer.


Maybe this:

It's not quite as tall, but you might be able to tilt the case a little so it will fit. Since it closes with buckles, that may also give you a little more space.


Whenever I transport an LCD screen, I put it on a car seat and put the seat belt on it to strap it in place with the screen facing the padded part of the seat. Never left the car unattended when moving, though, so I'm not sure about making it less conspicuous. But it would transport safely and be much smaller to cover up.


@caffeine_dude: Price is definitely an object but these are very cool cases. This would be exactly what I wanted if I could afford them. They'd be a best of all worlds kinda solution.

I expect I'll likely wind up doing something like @no1 suggested and getting a portfolio type case. That wouldn't be the worst thing ever dontcha know.

I'm still open for other suggestions or if someone knows where I can get a good used hard-case relatively cheap.

FYI I'm Craigslisting it as we speak.


@phillystyle: suitcase?
Super cheap thrift shop suitcase?


@caffeine_dude: heeheehee nice. No, I hadn't considered a hard-shelled suitcase. I work at a place where I might be able to cobble together a foam inner structure roughly the shape of my computer. I might just have to hit the Goodwill this weekend. Good suggestion. Thanks.


So...I figured I should give you guys an update. Thanks for all the suggestions BTW.

Ok so I needed a case to transport my computer. I got to thinking maybe Craigslist was the place to look and it was BINGO! I found one of those really cool cases like you see roadies moving sound equipment in, knowwhatImean? It was a lot cooler than I thought I'd be getting and they were asking $75. I hadn't put much thought into how much I wanted to spend and $75 didn't make me wince Come to find out, it's already gone.

That got me to thinkin'. Where could I see where could I find another one of those cases? ...ebay.

So I got onto ebay and found those cases can be REALLY expensive. Did you know even little ones can cost almost $1000 new???? W-T-F? ;o)



Long story short (too late) I found one on ebay. I bid and I won it. It looks roughly like this only white & green ( )

It cost me...wait for it...less than $20 including shipping.

Oh but wait, there's more. The guy's interior measurements were a little rougher than I thought's not tall enough inside - BY 1.5-INCHES!!!!!!!! LOL

So my search kinda continues but I got one really cool case that I might be able to modify and get it to fit. We'll see. I'll keep you posted....if'n you even care. :oP