questionsdo you have a macbook air? what do you think of…


What are your uses on the computer is it just for web browsing and basic tasks like word?

Also what is the price range or model you are looking at?


@hiiamstevie: It's going to be my travel/in-grad-school computer. Casual use, though I'd like to be able to do some light music recording on it (I'll save the more serious stuff for my iMac, and would use an external mic).

I know I want the 13" because 11" is just too small for my eyes. I'm more concerned with value than price--that is, I don't want to pay more for the processor upgrade, or for more memory, if those things aren't really worth the cost increase.

I just want to hear how people's experiences have been with it. Is it fun to use? Responsive? Gets the job done? Etc.


I have a Macbook Pro. I like it a lot.


The main difference is 1.5 pounds lighter vs performance, as someone who loves overpowered computers I would personally go with the macbook pro. But if you need an ultraportable computer then at least the MBA has a SSD which would offer a nice performance boost but less space for storage.


I would get a MacBook Pro. I have one and love it so much! The Air is nice because of how thin and light it is and the SSD makes start up blazing fast, but also makes it cost more for less storage. The MBP is still pretty light and portable. Plus looking at price, the base-model 13" MBA is $1,299 for 128GB and the MBP is $1,199 for 500GB. Personally the amount of storage out weighs thinness. And since your in school I believe you get a bigger student discount on the MBP than the MBA.


Thanks for the responses, everyone! I spent some time going over the specs for both but decided if I were going to get a Macbook Pro, it wouldn't be worth it for me to get less than the 15" (for several reasons, including the fact that if I'm going to get a 13" laptop, I want it to be as light and portable as possible), which became expensive fast. Plus, that solid-state drive calls to me. :) I decided to go with the Air upgraded to an i7 processor. SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS.