questionswhat is your favorite woot video?


I'm really digging the KidFoots videos lately.


How Woot Works: Printing Our Shirts
... but you probably expected that as my answer anyways. ^_^


I have a hard time choosing, but the Real Actual Food Tests make me laugh too. The songs in the Kidfoot videos are cute and funny too.


Put It Back: Mortimer & Monte in the Break Room, episode 18 :
(Sorry, I didn't pretty it up for y'all. You'll just have to put up with the long link.

Put it back! Put it back! Put it back!

edit: Did you HEAR me? PUT IT BACK!!


I really liked the Happy Snacking video. Being a big rye whiskey drinker AND a peanut butter toast fan this really spoke to me man.

(Happy Snacking)[]


I've never watched one, honestly.


@barnabee: Hell to the yea. Not just z catchy little tune, I agree with the sentiment. The discussions about the direction of woot on another question got the song into my brain for the whole day.