questionsare beats by dre worth the $$?


I don't know about the headphones, but I can't tell the difference on my HP TouchPad that supposedly has Beats audio.


From what I understand they are actually worse than bose while costing more (and bose are also not good headphones either).

If you are looking to spend 300 dollars on headphones I would recommend heading over to head-fi and posting the type of music you like, the type of headphones you want and letting them steer you to the right set of headphones.


I'm not very big into music, so maybe my opinion doesn't matter, but when the headphones cost as much or more than the device playing the music, they better do something pretty astounding. I bought a very nice set of Turtle Beach headphones here on Woot a few weeks ago for $70. They are wireless with surround sound. I know they have a different application/use, but $70 seems like a lot for headphones to me, so $200-$300 is mind blowing.

I'm sure my standards are lower than others and there are some genuine audiophiles that can tell and care about the difference.


Overpriced, overhyped crap (for that kind of money). If you're looking for quality and don't care about price, then either Sennheiser or Klipsch is the way to go. Klipsch for earbuds, Sennheiser for full on headphones.


Also for that price and for that application I have a very good recommendation for you. In ear monitors. They are amazing fidelity and sound deadening.


I love my Bose headphones, albeit they were expensive. I think the sound quality is great, but I didn't buy the $300-400 ones, I bought the $150 standard on ear ones. Replacing $20 ear buds was getting just as expensive.

I tried some Beats and didn't think they came close to my Bose, and while both charge more because of brand name, Beats is abusing that idea much more, but just my 2 cents.


To my knowledge, no. They're not bad headphones, I've sampled a pair, but there are definitely better ones for the same money. I'm pretty sure 70% of the price comes from Dre's name.

EDIT: but then again, it comes down to personal preference. I'm sure some people will recommend some good ones, and research c-net and other sites for top rated headphones in your price range, and then go and test them for yourself.


@rprebel: Good suggestions! I may be a bit biased since I have Sennheiser headphones and Klipsch earbuds. :)


I haven't checked out the Sennheiser. As far as comparing to Bose - I've had them side by side and the Bose seemed to be made out of cheaper plastic than the Beats. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.


And I don't like earbud style phones because people still try to talk to me, guess they can't see them?! I've noticed that people don't bother folks with over the ear headphones... lol.


Hell no. They're the headphone equivalent of Monster brand HDMI/sound/AV cables. You want to pay 500% mark up on headphones that are of inferior quality to others in the same price range just because they're shiny and stuff? Go ahead.

tl;dr version: Hell no, spend your money on quality, not the name brand. Try Bose, Sony, or any other brand that is known for their audiophile quality.


I have some friends in the recording industry and they personally go for Sennheiser for affordable headphones. They sound great but you don't have to pay the big $$$. The visual style is not as flashy as Beats by Dr. Dre or Skull candy or something, but they sound waaaaay better. Those types of headphones sound horrible, often they just amplify the base so people think they sound good.

I got the Sennheiser HD202 on a shell shocker deal for $20 and they're the best headphones I've ever owned. I find they have a good quality to price ratio. If you were going to drop $300 on headphones you should go out and try some different brands. Again, I recommend Sennheiser.


I got some Beats Solo. I think they are fantastic. My co-worker has Sennheiser and I liked the Beats a lot more. I did get a good deal on black friday. They were $20 off, then a 20% disc. from an open box return, and another 20% coupon.

I listen to a lot of electronica and of the headphones I've tried I personally think they are great.


I think they are about 299 dollars over priced


They are by Monster. Monster is known for overcharging for pretty good equipment.

I don't have any personal experience with Beats, but I suspect they are they same: Pretty good, but way too expensive.


nope. 20 year DJ here, and I honestly think they're a ripoff.


For those that don't like them... Are there specific model numbers of other over the ear phones you'd suggest?


@caver2130: Which model you should get really depends on what type of music you listen to the most. Hiiamstevie is right. But when it comes to cheap Sennheiser's, I believe the HD201 is more accurate while the 202 is better for base. Both work really well, I've bought the 201's several times when they're $15 (like at Amazon right now) because I keep giving them to people. If you don't mind noise leaking, the Grado brand is phenomenal. And I bought Pioneer Steel Wheels off of Woot that I loved, but unfortunately someone else still has them.
My problem with Beats is that the people who wear them would have looked at you like you're crazy for spending $75 on headphones are now spending $300 on them because they're fashionable. Beats aren't bad headphones, but for the same price (or less) you can definitely get much, much better ones
Also, be aware that headphones improve with use. There's a "burn in" period, usually about 40 hours, so don't judge any right out of the box


Just to update, I got a pair of Studio Beats for Christmas. As compared to others that I got to try in stores, etc, the noise-canceling is not great. However, the bass is better than any other headphone I've heard, in addition to extremely crisp highs & mids. I would recommend, depending on usage. It also helps that they were a gift & I didn't pay a dime...


With these headphones your are able to hear music at its finest, whether it be Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap and all other genres I mean I listen to mostly Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap but if you have a true passion for music then by all means these headphones are the ones. Your friends may tell your they're a waste of money and that they've heard better. I'll let you decide. As for me, I have these headphones and I have no intentions of using any other headphone out there