questionshow often do you have to sign in here?


I noticed a change also.

Now it is once a month, I have to sign in again.


Now it is set so that I have to sign in if I want to see any of the side deals or ATC. Otherwise I get 404s if I click on anything.

And it won't let me sign out, either.

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What browser? I have deals.woot set as one of my Chrome tabs on start up and it's never logged in even though the woot sites start up fine.

I have no problems with this on FF though.


using firefox, I rarely ever have to log in.


Chrome - it seems to happen every couple days, and it's been happening for the last few months. Not a big issue or anything...


I cannot remember the last time that I signed in, which must mean that I have't cleared my cache lately.


I don't think I have ever had to sign in, a second time, on Deals.Woot, with Firefox. I won't mention how many times I have had to sign in on the other Woot sites and how annoying it is, when trying to jump on a product, during a Woot-off.


using chrome, I rarely ever have to log in.


I don't seem to have to log in ever. I use FF so not sure if that makes a difference or not.