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OK, I'm talking to myself here, but this may be my favorite Google doodle ever. And that's saying something. It does lots of tricks.


Okay, it took me a few minutes, but I did solve the puzzle - sending the visitor home. I really like the doodle. It reminds me of the old D&D type games. (And yes, I do know what anniversary it it celebrating :-)


Um, blast from the past anyone? I don't have a problem with resurrecting older topics to the popular tab, but the google doodle to which this post refers is long gone, and there's nothing special over on google at the moment.


@moondrake: One of my major complaints with the way things are working over here now. Questions are not usually as time-sensitive as this one, but deals keep hitting the front page long after they've expired, resulting in lots of downvotes, negative comments, and worst of all, folks missing out on good deals.

In other words, ditto.


Its a day old... looking for yesterday's doodle was easy enough, lol.

excellent doodle.


@goatcrapp: Really? I didn't know they were archived. Perhaps you could include how-to for anyone who wants to see it and didn't know you could go backwards.


@moondrake: Sorry, thought it was common knowledge - they normally have a button for past doodles.

Here's the doodle page: