questionsuser friendly dvd copier?


The free version of DVDFab lets you do basic copying of DVDs. That's your best bet. Download it here:

Since you own the copyright on the content you're trying to duplicate, there's no ethical reason not to go this route. It's fast and simple.


Any program that copies data DVD's can do it. I'd recommend IMGBurn. You can type the number of copies to make and it will do all the work. For bonus points, you can make multiple copies of the .exe file and run one instance of the program for each burner if you have multiple burners.

It's sad, though, that you have to go from VHS to DVD. Super 8 is much closer in quality to DVD than VHS.


To make an AVI file, you can use a program like Handbrake (free).

I recommend keeping it in DVD. Converting it again would be yet another layer of quality loss.