questionswho cares?


I'll miss you "MIL". :( Stay in touch.......


Oh, no! First @inkycatz and now you. I hope you reconsider or at least hang around the "community". I'll miss your questions and comments. Geez, what a crummy day.

Edit: And thank you for introducing me to the Kindle keyboard. I'm really enjoying it.


To answer your question. Not me.


Odd this: I still find myself voting for answers. Please kill me now. I am, I promise, history. Or toast..something to that effect. I hate it when I feel compelled (MY PROBLEM) to up vote.



It is an addiction.... I feel much the same way and agree with the manipulation comment which I believe is beginning to bite back on the deals side much as it it has on the questions side...
I wouldn't be surprised to still see you around, it is hard to break the habit, always looking for a deal...


@jsimsace: NOT your Mil, sweet thing. But, for you:

Side note: @loubricant. Will SO miss you, sweetheart.


And so, I did not spell @loubriccant correctly. I am null and void. Come on back to me loubriccant, one more time.


@gmwhit: Pshaw. I'll believe it when I see it. I've left multiple times myself (some of them visibly, and some of them not). Still, it's getting less attractive all the time, and that's the way of things.

Everything changes. Everything.

In other news, spring is around the corner, and life is sweet.

Hugs to you, G.


I care, silly! You will be missed.


I am bad. Know that; accept it. Must, simply must, add this. BBking's, The Thrill is Gone. FWIW, I talked to, met this soul genius. I am humbled.

So missing @inkykatz. Even though we did not always agree. She was awesome. <---- Hate that word, but she was there when you needed an answer. Good, about that. Other's, not so good. Often not here at all.


@shrdlu: Hugs returned. This is HARD.


@pickypickypicky: Thank you! My 'habit' is hard to break. PM if you wish.


Who is @gmwhit? Someone who posted here in the olden days?


Well, whoever she is, at least she likes good music. Maybe I could convince her to start a new site with me? One where it's okay to be odd, have fun and talk about personal Lou Briccants.

That reminds me of a joke. Elizabeth Taylor, Christopher Walken and Alf, walk into a Greek diner......


Sorry to see you go, hope you decide to stick around. Even if just lurking.


I do not believe you, I have felt this way and still I come back, @shrdlu: used to be in the to 15 all the time and she said she was done but after a bit of a break she is back, not with the same intensity but back.


@gmwhit: I don't supposed harumphing around claiming you're being selfish by leaving us would work to keep you here, hmmm?


This whole thing makes me sad. But it's brought me years of enjoyment, and maybe there's a bit more to be gleaned.

Mayhaps we'll see you in chat, @gmwhit. Best to you in future endeavors,



@hackman2007: Thank you!

@caffeine_dude: I'm not sure I believe myself. As mentioned before, this is difficult for me.

@magic cave: might be right. Or..a dick-head. You choose.

@okham: I've not stopped existing. Just a BIT ticked off at deals. See you in chat! Along w/others who no longer participate here. I get it now. Slow learner?


My "attention whore" detector is wailing like crazy.


I have long since given up on deals, although I still foolishly will post one on occasion just to see how long it takes to be deleted without explanation, downvoted without explanation, or if it will be allowed to languish in obscurity till I expire it of natural causes. I guess I am just a masochist some days. But I still enjoy the discussion on the community side, and I really enjoy discussing things with you. I will definitely miss you if you do, indeed, leave us.


@stormshadow999: Just a little heads up to you. I do not need or want "attention." Also, am not a "whore." At this moment I'm No. 1 on the leaderboard. Yup, went down to No. 2, then back up. Funny? Yes. Though, not amusing. It's sheer irony.

Trust me, this is a travesty. As are you.


Oh, dear! I keep telling myself to quit, too, although mostly because I REALLY should be doing other things. But addiction is, indeed, a difficult thing to overcome. Don't go away! At least lurk a bit and toss in more helpful comments!

(I don't know whether it's possible to have just a LITTLE of DW if you're a DW addict, like me!)


I always said deals.woot is an experiment in behavior modification.
edit- btw, I don't care either, I don't care about the leaderboard. I haven't seen it in months nor do I know where I am at on it, it just doesn't matter...I'm resisting the experiment. :)


@gmwhit: pm done. Pls send photo of banana tree stat.


Wait, there was a time when people took deals.woot rank seriously?



I'm guys take this stuff seriously? Wowzas. You learn something every day. I thought the long drawn out "I'm leaving forever because woot sucks" and then coming back after they sent you $1000 in coupons was just a gag but you folks seem serious. So very sad. I will miss you terribly...until someone with a funny joke or a link to a cat picture shows up. Goodbye dear friend.


Sorry to see you feel so sad G. I, too, have not "quit" in a formal announcement mode, but it has been easier and easier to stay away due to other matters. I cannot recall the number of people who have made the announcement only to return once in awhile to check in or out. I have been away this time for so long I was unaware of the fact that Inky is no longer among us. I hope that you, too, considering your mixed feelings will drop by as you see fit. You have contributed a lot to Deals. This is my first post since heaven knows when, and such a sad, sniff, occasion. Feel better, take the break you need, and come by here and again.

As a postscript, Hi to all here.


@gmwhit: Not looking for attention? Then what's with the dramatic post? And all the follow up comments about how leaving DW will be so difficult? Last I checked, particpation on this site is voluntary. Don't DECIDE to leave and then cry about how it hurts. No one's making you go--either stay or slip away. Many of us have wrestled with the same decision as a result of the recent changes, but haven't felt the need to make a big production of it. Why is the leaderboard such a big deal to anyone? Other than bragging rights that are of no interest to anyone outside this site, why does it matter what your ranking is? Free donuts? First crack at BOCs? Tickets to Zamfir in concert? As for your DW friends, just take your relationship to another site (Facebook, chat rooms, IMs, etc.). There are several ways to stay in touch with the people you met here if you really want to leave and continue talking with them. Now come back in off the ledge--your antics are tying up traffic.


@stormshadow999: There's just no possible reply. If you don't understand it, you don't understand it. I suspect everyone is fine with that and feels no need to educate you.

For what it is worth, I find the question very valid. I literally JUST removed the wootcheck app from my phone within the last 48 hours. As for repeat the question, who cares? Post a deal, and if it doesn't get deleted or downvoted, some a$$hat is going to turn the discussion thread into a political rant within a dozen posts.

I've been mostly a lurker, so there's no point in me posting a goodbye as gmwhit did. I just...stop coming as often. The interval becomes longer and longer, and while I might vote on a deal or question or comment or two, just as often I don't bother.

So to answer the question "who cares?". Fewer and fewer people every day.


I care that you're leaving. But I haven't checked ATC in days... Just found out inky left.
Safe surfing lady.


@stormshadow999: As far as I can tell, you're evidently vying for attention pretty hard. If not, stop posting about it.


Stop by DWC sometime, name me, PM me, whatever. I'd like to keep in touch, sorry to hear you're leaving (I guess that just shows how much i pay attention around here nowadays)

You will be missed that much is certain


And 6 1/2 months later...I've tried so hard to hang in there. Seems I was right when I posted this question. Lots of (bile) other questions after this one where people have lamented the death of deals.

And so it goes...into oblivion. For those who may have followed this question...I really think I might be done now. Tired of being beaten down by mods (personal attack removed) .Tired of questions and deals (mine & others) being deleted. For NO reason.

And so...I leave you w/an earworm. A great song: I Don't Care Anymore

Oh, and P.S. This entire question will probably be deleted. That's how they are. You know?


@gmwhit: Honey--6 1/2 months later and you're still crying the blues about this tired old topic? I thought you said you were leaving this site when you first posted... I don't know what Woot did to you personally to turn you into such a jaded old goat (well, actually I do--your comments outline every detail of it), but please stop your caterwauling and accept the changes like the rest of us have or move on. The smarmy remarks and attacks on moderators contribute nothing of value to these discussions. You still have your precious black triangle and 99/100 rep, so I'm not really sure how you feel cheated. I do hope that one day you find a deal-a-day site that's run to your satisfaction so that you can achieve inner peace.


@functioningwino: Thanks so much for your advice. I'll give it some serious thought.

Don't know if you're a functioningwino; but you sure make a good funtioningsockpuppet. Welcome to deals! Again.