questionsvegan thanksgiving ideas? new vegan needs help…


a vegan friend cooks her family a tofurkey every year. sounds disgusting as hell to me, but apparently they enjoy it.


Here's a good starting point for ideas:

I think the best route for any "alternative" meal (be it vegan, dairy free, gluten free, whatever) is not to try to mimic traditional dishes with something that will never live up to the original. Start a new tradition with vegan foods that are great in themselves, plus some traditional fare that is naturally vegan, like veggies and breads.


If you want to go super-easy, there's Whole Foods. You need to check your local store for price / menu, it looks like both may vary from place to place.

The only item I had (a year or two ago), which may have only been vegetarian, was some sort of "roast." I honestly liked it better than any of the meat main courses. It didn't look like a roast, so I don't think it was trying to mimic real meat, but tasted a bit meaty with the mushrooms in it.


My wife suffered a bout of vegetarianism a few years back and we have eaten Tufurkies. They are pretty good, but I would NOT recommend them for someone trying to "reverse heart disease." Like most prepared/frozen food, it is loaded with sodium!

You don't have to totally avoid animal products to improve your health. Just make smart choices about what you eat by paying attention to ingredients and fat/sodium/sugar content. And exercise!

If he is dead set on veganism he will have to be very careful to get enough protein. There is a reason why many vegans look pale and sickly...

We have a cookbook called "Very Vegetarian" that has great recipes. We still cook many of them on a regular basis.