questionson average, how many books do you read a year?


Although I am surrounded by books most of my waking hours, I do very little reading. I probably read 5-7 books a year. I mainly read biographies but do enjoy realistic fiction.


Less then I should.
Less then I want.

I found audio books pretty fun but do not even have time for them.
It does make travel go quick.


@caffeine_dude: I've never tried an audio book. I tend to put sound into the background and not pay attention, so I don't know if they would "work" for me.

Probably a good way to get through more books, though!


@kmeltzer: It is a small learning curve. I worked in a warehouse and listened to books. At first I found myself repeatedly rewinding 10 seconds to catch what I missed. After a few weeks I almost never did that.
I would stay away from abridged books.

You can check out books on disk from the library to see if it will work for you.
My library now has digital audio books to check out.


I read about 30 or so a year. Used to be more but I have slowed down, thanks to my tablet and Woot. I like traditional ghost stories, a remnant of my childhood, true stories about microbe hunters, and Carl Hiaasen. but read a wide variety of topics.

I think your reading habits are above the average number, judging by people I know.


Probably 1 a week. More likely more than that. I read a lot. Most on my kindle. Not all, though. Still occasionally adding to my hard bound library. Some authors are not available on kindle. :-(
Reading is my passion. One of them. anyway. Always has been; always will be.. ;-) What type of book varies w/my mood.


Somewhere between 1 and 2 a week. I too read a lot, obviously. Mostly fiction, thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi. A few biographies, other varied non-fiction.


Let's see.... A couple of years ago, I read 63 books in the school year (yeah, it's true!!). I have gotten into dystopian fiction (I don't know why), for example The Hunger Games.


Well... It depends. I'd say I average perhaps 100 or more books a year, but most of those are non-fiction. Very little fiction holds my attention any more. It's too difficult to surprise me. I read technical books, but mostly use them as a resource. Jon Stewart has got me in trouble more than once by having an author on his show. My kindle is right by my hand, and before I know it, I've downloaded it.

A recent fiction book that I'm re-reading (for the pleasure of it) is The Elegance of the Hedgehog (by Muriel Barbery). I have a bunch of "The Golden Age of Science Fiction" collections from Amazon (they seem to go on endlessly, but I only have through Vol XII). It's nice to just read a short story or two now and then.

I have a large library, including a selection of antique books (which I also read, but carefully), and there are always books worth revisiting.


It varies from week to week but on average probably around two a week, at least for the last two years or so (geting a tablet kind of reminded me how much I enjoy reading).


Do Comic Books Count??

Err.. I meant Graphic Novels... :-)


Semi-retired, so more time. Probably 75-100 a year, but I keep books I like and after a few years will re-read them. There's some I've probably read four or five times. Action/adventure, romance, biographies/autobiographies, mysteries. No horror, science fiction, excessive gore.


2-4 dozen, depending on the year. I'll burn through a book every day or two for a few weeks, then not pick one up for a few weeks. Mostly fantasy/thriller/mystery.


I read a lot of graphic novels but only about 8-10 novels. Mostly sci-fi with a few non-fiction books along the lines of "Freakonomics" or history books. I would listen to a few Audible books a year at the gym or when running but have switched to watching Netflix while on the treadmill. I'm working my way through the Game of Thrones series so even though I'll be reading a lot this year it doesn't look like I'll get through too many books.


i'm still trying to read my first book this year. game of thrones series...
I just can't stay awake when i read



I read a lot of other stuff :D, just haven't had time for a BOOK-book in awhile..


Usually 30-40. A few years ago, the local library had its 100th anniversary contest; everyone who read 100 books that year got a free shirt (I read 106).

Unfortunately, I've been having way too many headaches to really enjoy reading many deep things. Just polished off Mindy Kaling's book; amusing.


Rounding down...probably 0. Until last year, I probably hadn't read a full book in over 5 years.

I'm a bit of a slow reader, so it frustrates me to only get through a few pages, while knowing that others would have gotten much further in the same amount of time. It was to the point where I even took a speed reading course to help out (although it didn't help either).

Then I just stopped caring about how much I read and just started reading again...slowly but surely making my way through more books.


I don't read nearly as much as I used to. I probably read about 5 books a year, now. When I am reading a book, however, I will finish it in 2-3 days, as long as it's under 1000 pages. I have a hard time putting a book down, once I pick it up.


I haven't read a book in several years. Newspapers and magazines are my reading material.


100+ a year. I read a little of everything, but mostly fiction. In my no television/no computer days you could easily have doubled that number.


@hobbitss: I'd say manga and comics count :-) I just don't know that I'd count each as a "book" itself. I used to read a bunch of manga, so I'm biased.


For those of you saying you're over 100 books a year (which is about 2/week), I wonder how long these books are, and how fast a reader you are :-)


I go in streaks. I read every time I get a chance and then I get busy and do not pick one up for awhile. The past few months I have been reading more than I should and my todo list shows it. I am in the 100+ range. I do not keep track but a couple a week unless they are quick reads. I read a wide range of genres. At the moment I am on a fantasy kick reading L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s Spellsong Cycle and really enjoying them.

I also like audio books athough I have not listened to one for awhile. I tend to tune out sound like @kmeltzer but I can follow a story. Ask me what was on the radio that I was humming a minute ago and ummm, no idea.


I read about 30-40 last year, right now I'm a fair bit under that according to Goodreads, but those were all fairly fast reads. Things slowed down considerably once I dived into the GRRM realm (mind you I don't read half as slow as he writes, oh snap). It took me months, months to finish A Dance With Dragons. That's weird for someone who prides herself on being a tremendously speedy reader. @mx023 - just go slow, read other books too while you're getting through one of those.

I try not to count rereads in the total, though. (For example this week I reread/am rereading Prisoner of Azkaban/Goblet of Fire during "transit time".) Some of the books I want to read right now aren't out yet and I have two library books sitting on my coffee table at home. (Coffee table contains no coffee.)

My book tastes are wide and varied. I'll give nearly anything a go if I read the first bit and it hooks me well.



A while back, I read somewhere that GRRM "is the modern JRRT" so I started reading his books. A Game of Thrones wasn't bad but definitely no where near Tolkien in any respect except perhaps length (I know it seemed so much longer).

I don't think I finished A Dance With Dragons (if I did, I don't remember it).


The length of the books I read varies somewhat, but I'm not including things like 101 Stoner Jokes and 25 Cupcake Recipes to Die For among them.

I now read mostly via my tablet so the number of pages in any given book varies in part with whether I'm reading in bed (w/o my glasses and using a fairly small font) or elsewhere (with glasses and using a larger font).

As a kid, I used to read six to eight Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew/Tom Swift Jr&III /etc type books in a weekend, along with homework and chores. I probably read about the same speed or faster now and I definitely sleep less.


Kind of off topic, but do any kids read the Bobbsey Twins anymore? I have about 50 in the basement I'd like to get rid of. Neither my kids or grandkids were interested.


I have been reading a TON more since I got my kindle. Like the OP, I try to read a little every day. Genre doesn't really matter to me, I'll read pretty much anything but romance novels, but I've been reading a lot more thriller/suspense lately. I've been going through the kindle "freebies" a lot, but I really want to start reading more nonfiction so I can actually learn something. I'm also trying to make my way through the classics that I haven't read since high school. I don't really keep track of how many I read a year, but since I got my Kindle it's been significantly higher than my old average of 1 or 2 books a year.