questionsare any talented wooters going to have artwork or…


Yes. I will have 22 jewelry pieces up at CCI. Are you planning to attend? Congratulations on getting a ticket. We would go to the convention every year if we could get in. I keep hoping they'll move it to Vegas where there would be a lot more space and we have a timeshare so we'd always have a place to stay.
Three of the pieces I sent:


Awesome stuff! I have a friend that will be attending that will definitely be interested in the middle item. I will be on the lookout for the pieces. I will be attending but only got tickets for Thursday and Sunday instead of the entire event like I did last year. It is almost impossible to get tickets nowadays.


I'll be at the World Sci Fi con in San Antonio at the end of August with space in the art show and a table in Artist's Alley for two half days. I am working like crazy to get a lot of diverse work done for that. Mostly jewelry as it's easy to transport but also a few steampunk costume appliances. If anyone is planning to attend Worldcon look me up in the art show.


Beautiful work @moondrake, love the dragonflies. Do you sell online?


@hot72chev: Thanks! Dragonflies are kind of my sigil and I use them in a lot of my work. I have an Etsy store under Falcon Fantasyworks but I don't maintain it. I have a pretty fast sell-through and everything I make is OOAK, so it's hard for me to sell online. But I am always glad to do commission work. I work in semi-precious and common stones, pearls, lampwork glass, etc.


@moondrake: Wow, nice work! I would wear those. Out of my league in price I am sure but Wow, I really like!

Back closer to topic, I am not going to the events or sending anything.


@pattiq: nah, my jewelry runs around $25- $35 for a necklace and earring set. I like to keep my prices low so people can enjoy my work. That's why I have a fast sell-through. Real stones and pearls at reasonable prices. The amber is what they call pressed amber. They take shavings of fossil amber created when they cut up the gem-quality stuff and heat press it with contemporary tree resin to create inexpensive composite pieces. Looks nice at 1/10th the price.

@sassymango: Thanks!


@moondrake: You have a great talent. Your jewelry is very beautiful. Personally, I think you should charge more. I know I would gladly pay a higher amount. Do you make key rings? Uh, what is Etsy?


@barnabee: Thanks so much! I've done key rings, bookmarks, lanyards, glasses cords, dog collars and any number of other things. Recently a co-worker broke the little loop that holds her car's security device to her key ring and it was going to cost $70 to replace, so I opened up the case and drilled some holes to attach a pretty loop of amethyst and rose quartz beads with a small dog leash style clip so she can clip it to her key ring, her purse or wherever. She's gotten a lot of compliments in stores and restaurants.

@hot72chev: Since you like dragonflies, I moved this piece ahead on my "to do" list and put it together last night after work. It is carnelian, dragon veins agate and red agate. I'll be making another with amethyst and rainbow fluorite soon. Just thought you'd like to see it with all the little dragonflies supporting the eternal theme of the tree of life.


@moondrake: Thanks for the explanation of amber -- I've always wondered whether the "amber" I buy is even partially real or just plain resin.

Have you ever checked out I shop there often, but it may not be worth your while if etsy isn't a good sales source for you.


@magic cave: There are two kinds of inexpensive amber, composite or pressed amber and "new" amber, made from tree resin of a tree that's related to the tree that made fossil amber. The milky looking beads on my necklace are new amber. Supposedly the trees that made fossil amber are extinct. It's my understanding that in both cases the less expensive amber is made from actual tree resin, with one containing shards of fossil amber and the other completely new. It's very hard to be confident of what you are getting, though, since amber is a natural resin and feels exactly like plastic. Weight and temperature are how I can identify most minerals from plastics and metals. But even true gem-quality fossil amber feels pretty much like plastic in both characteristics. So I just have to trust my vendors.

I have heard of artfire but haven't visited there. I really ought to pay more attention to online sales, and after I retire in a year and a half I intend to.


@moondrake: That's beautiful. I especially like the wire wrap tree!


@moondrake: Outstanding work...just beautiful! Love the trees as well as the dragonflies. Love amber...oh, I could spend lotsa money with you @moondrake!