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I disagree.

If I'm checking deals.woot often, I'm doing so because I'd like the opportunity to get in on good deals.

What difference should it make if I have four hours or 2 days to get in on a deal?

Besides, I don't think any of the deals have a guaranteed lifespan. Any deal posted for any site might sell out 10 minutes after its posted.


@anotherhiggins: I understand your point. It is a really good point, I just don't like it. I like to be able to shop around and see if its the best deal around.


I'm hoping we can add an entire tab for flash sales - my comment here related - problem is it creates more visual noise for first time users to figure out.


@sgoman5674: But it's in the nature of deal-hunting that sometimes one must purchase quickly. It's great when you happen to have already been researching a product (or group of products) so you know as soon as you see the deal whether or not it's a good price. Sometimes, if the cost is low enough, you might just leap before looking - I'm sure this happens a lot of during woot-offs. Sometimes you miss out on a good deal. That's the game.

On other deal sites, you can often rely on how many Up vs Down votes a deal gets to help you quickly decide whether a deal is hot. But the traffic here on deals.woot is still pretty slow, so I see a lot of very hot deals only get one or two total votes. And the lack of a vote-down feature means that people who happen to know the posted-deal is not a good price can only hope to warn others by taking the time to post a comment. But I'm digressing.

The point is that I'd like to see hot deals posted, regardless of how long they might last.


@snapster: Aren't you just the little peace-maker?

That sounds like a reasonable approach. But I'd like to see both the current "Fresh" tab and the proposed "Flash-Sale" tab feed into the "Popular" tab.

Like you said, you don't want to make the site unintuitive/unfriendly to new visitors.


I really like the "flash deals" tab idea. I think that there would have to be a timer associated with it so that wooters know when it will expire. Stating a time would be confusing, as there are different time zones, daylight savings etc.


What about the ability to put a count down timer on your deal. Like if the deal expires 12:00 midnight april 2nd. The clock starts when you post and ends when you set it. That would also make it possible to auto RIP which would get rid of the lightning deals?

Eh I probably make no sense right now its 12:15 am I just got off work and spend the entire day in classes... I'm going to bed lol Goodnight and the flash deals tab idea sounds interesting. I'd be interested in a test of it.