questionswill a sdhc card work in a sd device?


It should. There are some older devices that supposedly can't read SDHC cards, but generally if it can read SD, it can read SDHC. It's the same card, just a higher capacity.


If the device specifically says it uses SD cards, I would assume that it is NOT SDHC compatible. I have several SD devices that will not accept SDHC.

On the other hand, if it accepts SDHC, it also will accept SD.


the answer is likely NOT... I have had some. IT is a limitation of the hardware. If you have a piece of hardware that accepts SD cards that is more than 5 years old, then you MIGHT get a partial read from an SDHC card, but under no circumstances try to write anything to it... the older hardware does not have the required ability to handle larger sizes. SD only went up to 1 GIG... there is a middle format that can do 1-2 gigs. and SDHC is for 2 gigs and above (currently up to 128 gigs, but I don't remember the limit off the top of my head.

I'm sure if you read up on SDHC in wikipedia it could explain this a lot better than I can, but it is a problem with HARDWARE, and so a new piece of equipment will be needed if the hardware was built before the SDHC standard was finished.