questionsare you boycotting walmart and other retailers…


No, and I don't boycott retailers who "make" employees work on New Year's Day, Christmas Day, July Fourth or any other holidays. My understanding is that most of the time those workers volunteer to work....not always the case, but still not a cause for a boycott IMHO.


I wish they didn't have to work, but there has been many a holiday I wished I didn't have to work too. You do what you have to do to pay the bills, and if that means your employer says you work on the holiday then you work on the holiday. If it means that much to the employee, they always have the option of quitting. But I am not going to hold it against a business that it wants to make a buck. Wouldn't be much of a business if it didn't.


When I was in high school and college, I looked forward to working holidays for the double pay. Those are the first people to volunteer for this, and if there aren't enough volunteers to staff the store then some people will have to sacrifice a few hours of their turkey day. It sucks, but there it is.

It'd be great if they could close for the day. I'm staying far far away from any and all stores until next week.


I'll never get Black Friday -- I've been in CPG for a while now, and nobody seems to make money on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. It's all sold at or below cost. At least some employees get to pick up double time or double time-and-a-half. (Just once, I'd like to earn double time and a half. LOL)


I don't wait for Thanksgiving. I boycott Walmart and other retailers that underpay employees and sell badly made schlock every day.


Back when I worked at Walmart, I loved working holidays. Holiday pay FTW!


Walmart has always been open on Thanksgiving. It's nothing new this year. They are open every day but Christmas day, every year. The question is, are you planning on boycotting every business that is "making" employees work this year? May as well turn off your tv, can't watch football, or the parade, or any tv at all. Forget the newspaper, too. And the gas stations, convenience stores, Dominoes, Movie theaters, etc. Don't go to a hotel, don't take a flight, don't call 911 or the police, don't go to a hospital, don't go to a pharmacy. Seriously, there are many people who are working on Thanksgiving. It's not just Walmart. So, no, I'm not boycotting retail or any other industry that happens to have employees working tomorrow. I may or may not use any of the services provided, but no boycotts.


@trekmiss: Our Walmart is even open on Christmas Day!


I really wonder who is really going to boycott and if employees will walk out. It just sounds like when people try to start a "gas war" or a "gas boycott".... nothing ever happens


@squirtle456: I'm sure there are people who appreciate it, too. Employees and customers, alike. I know I always volunteered to work holidays when I was in retail and when I was in the travel industry. Extra pay meant my bills got paid, with money leftover.


Nope. I'm not going to go there on Thanksgiving though, if that makes you feel better. (or Friday for that matter.)


This isn't why people are boycotting Walmart. The employees are planning a walkout on black friday because of substandard working conditions and low wages, and if people are choosing to boycott, it's because they empathize with their complaints.

I'm not going to tell people what they should or shouldn't do (at least not in this situation) but it doesn't hurt to know what is actually going on.


@portezbie: thank you, was about to add this. The strike has nothing to do with such a silly complaint as "you 'make' us work on a holiday!"


@portezbie: If there were a labor strike at one of my local Walmarts, I'd go walk the line with the employees. Alas, it doesn't seem to be happening in my community.


No. There are men and women in our military currently overseas in harms way right now, without their families. Makes the WalMart workers seems like a bunch of whiney crybabies to me.


@magic cave: I will probably stop by my local walmart to see if they are picketing. I put in 1.5 years of retail back in the day so I can honestly say I have walked a mile in their shoes and I find forcing them to work on Thanksgiving to be morally reprehensible. I would stop by to offer my support to the employees if they are out.


.....but on the other side, I still have not had ANY Chic-fil-a since that whole mess last summer, I loved the food, but won't put up with their nonsense. Same goes for Home Depot and their Obama hating CEO


I only shop online. Who wants to fight with the traffic and crowd when you can beat the prices from your couch?


@trekmiss: Very good point and I agree with you. No way will I boycott any employer for "making" the employees work. Most employees that have to work on holidays volunteer. Even if they don't, it is understood when you get a job at a fast food, retailer or any other 24/7 type job, you may have to work on holidays.


Right....and I will not get gas, go to a hotel, or eat on a long Holiday trip because the restaurant, hotel and convenience store employees have to work.

That is silly.


Holy Cripes there really is an effort to stage a Black Friday walkout? Should anyone reading this be considering that route I've got a word for you to ponder.


18500 people out of work right before Christmas are waiting to fill your spot.


No I will not be boycotting Walmart. I will be too busy at my Job to worry about it. unfortunatly in todays economy most employers are open on friday so get over it and get your butt to work.


Having worked in retail, I can say that whether or not some people don't go shopping somewhere, as long as there are customers going into the store (and there always will be!), the stores will open anyway.

I worked in a mall during a very bad storm, where it was advised not to go on the roads. A tree fell on someones car and killed them because the mall was still open and they wanted to go to the mall! The mall still refused to close for a couple more hours, when they finally did only an hour later, people were complaining that they were! Who cares about the employees, the customers just wanted their merchandise, NOW!

I know it sucks for those that are told they have to work, but most jobs like that will tell you on their application or in the hiring process that you're expected to work weekends and holidays. If they are getting holiday pay, that's a plus! I know I never did, which is what actually upset me, not the fact that I had to be at work in the first place.


I boycott Black Friday, period. It is insanity. Normally friendly people are whipped into a buying frenzy, becoming self-centered shopaholics. For what? Saving some money to buy stuff to celebrate what should be a loving, peaceful holiday.
No, I'll buy online, and get what I can when I can. After all, my family and friends will love me just as much no matter what I paid for their gifts. (And I already have half of my presents purchased, without the frenzy - I plan ahead.)


@housry23: It is worth noting that this holiday is significantly different than the same on previous years. Retailers are opening earlier on Thanksgiving now than they ever did before - remember when Black Friday used to begin on Friday rather than on Thanksgiving day? People who worked last year's Black Friday are finding now they no longer get to have Thanksgiving with their family because they are told the Black Friday opening - which in many cases is an all-hands-on-deck affair - requires them to be at the store at 6pm or earlier.

As for holiday pay, I wouldn't count on it. Walmart is only required to pay time-and-a-half for people who go over 40 hours in a week and they are notorious for preventing employees from doing that. When you tell an employee "you work Thanksgiving day, or you're fired" you aren't exactly giving them a choice.


@misry: No, they're not "waiting to fill your slot." The Hostess story is far more complex that you seem to understand, and the hoped-for Walmart informational strike is not merely about wages.