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Bah. Might have fixed itself. Just working now. Still curious about ideas though, in case it comes back (like it already has).

All I did when it suddenly started working was switched from a stereo video on netflix to one that was encoded with 5.1 audio (just seeing if there was a difference). Then when I switched back to something in stereo the static was gone... no idea. Settings on the receiver all seem the same. Oh well.


Maybe there were surges associated with the blackouts that nixed the settings on your device and they automatically recalibrated when you switched back and forth? I'll have to remember that in future. I had a similar problem with white noise static when viewing videos using my computer. A friend figured out the problem, something that would never have occurred to me. I had VLC media player's volume set at medium and it was somehow interfering with my sound system. My friend turned it to zero and fixed the problem. I would have thought that having the media player's volume set to zero would mute it but evidently not. I have also had echo problems which turned out to be a friend turning up the volume on the TV when the sound system was on, so they were both making sound. That's pretty easily identified, though, the TV's sound is so much flatter.


@countdown: Is it a 5.1 speaker system? Perhaps your center speaker got blown out during a power surge? When listening to stereo, it likely uses only the left and right speakers.

Also, dialog is on the center speaker in a 5.1 setup, so that could be why it gets louder when there is talking. Try swapping the wires so that your center channel is set up as your left or right speaker and see if you get the static in stereo sources.


@omnichad: Thanks for the tip. I was unplugging speakers but then I realized it was coming from all of them pretty much.

Its working fine now on all speakers though it seems. I tested 5.1 and I also use the prologic mixer setting when listening to stereo (which I think mixes it into all channels, but if any channel was excluded though it would be ceneter...). Plus it was stereo I originally noticed it on.

Very weird, oh well. Maybe just some leftover energy from a surge or something causing interference. Its on surge protector, but a cheap one.

Anyway thanks for the tips, I'll keep it in mind.


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