questionsare the wii u controllers available separately…


Where did you hear they would handle two? I hadn't been following the WiiU too closely, but everything I read pre-launch said games would only support 1 touch pad, and they would not be selling them separately.


I'm pretty sure you can only do one touchscreen gamepad. The other controllers are just standard Wii Remotes (the newer version with the built-in Motion Plus).


Nope. Not at this time.
Regarding using two pads:
"Compatible Peripherals
The Wii U supports two Wii U GamePads at the same time. It has been confirmed that using two GamePads simultaneously limits games to run at a framerate of no higher than 30fps due to the game outputting images to three screens at the same time. Launch-window titles would not make use of that functionality. Additionally, up to four Wii U Pro Controllers can be used at the same time."


Just to follow up, the reason they aren't selling them separately is because Nintendo doesn't want to create any more confusion with people who think the GamePad is just an accessory to the Wii. you'll be able to pick one up eventually.