questionschallenge: wii me, baby!


Okay! So, I agree with the original statement of buying it new - a refurb would be cheaper, but why bother when it only saves you a slight margin? However, it seems that most places are not offering a good package for under the retail price of $200 (the best plan would have been a couple of weeks ago, when you could order it online from Target with 10% off, and free shipping). However, the bonus to getting the new full set is that you get the Motion-Plus and the extra Sports Resort game. They only started bundling all of that in the last month. Amazon seems as good a place as any for the console itself... It should be available at your local Target or Wal-mart should have the same price (or their websites)

As for the Wii Fit bundles, I'd go with @tygerdave's middle option as it's new, and you can do the Bing cashback offer.

Good luck!


So the black systems and the white systems being sold now both include the Wii Sports Resort and the Motion Plus adapter? When I read the articles about the black system being released, I wasn't sure if that "default bundle" would apply to the white versions or not.

@tygerdave: do you think the refurbs are really worth it?

@arosiriak: can you elaborate on this bing cashback? I keep hearing about it, but I'm not really clear on what you have to go for it. Do I have to create a bing account, or is it refunded through the vendor you purchase from? I probably could google (or bing) the answer to that, but I expect they'd use far more words...


@perkalicious11: To be honest, I've never yet used Bing's cashback offers, myself. However, I do have a few family members who are into it. They've got some simple instructions about how their accounts work - so Yes, you do have to sign up, but it's free. The only drawback, if I understand the system correctly, is that it takes quite a while.

Bing Cashback instructions:

Now, as to the concept of buying refurbished, it's a highly-debated topic. You've just got to weigh out the pros and cons yourself. Price vs. reliability... I, personally, prefer to buy new for a few reasons: It's easier to debate with customer service if you're supposed to be getting a brand new unit; how good is the return policy? It may be because I've been burned a time or two on refurbs, but I tend to shy away from them. I mean, why were they in need of being refurbished in the first place?


@perkalicious11: I often buy refurb and haven't had any more trouble than when I buy it something new. Not to say all my refurb experiences are great but neither are all my new purchases.

Refurbished products are generally put through a much more strict QA process than their newly manufactured counterparts. If you are wary just make sure there is a warranty and the site has a reasonable return policy

I might avoid refurb on a product that is very complicated with lots of moving parts, but I'd go for it on a Wii.


@perkalicious11: Is the Wii for just yourself or are you going to play with others? The standard systems only come with one set of controllers. For $299 Walmart has the Wii Fit Plus bundled in with the Dream Gear 5-in-1 accessory pack with the Sports Resort and Motion plus in your shoice of Black or White.


@theoneill555: I would bank on only myself using the Wii Fit portion, although the bf might give it a shot also. I'm sure we'd both play the Sports Resort and other games, though. I expect to eventually get to 4 controllers, but we may only start with 2.


@tygerdave: I've heard that about the more rigorous QA on refurbs too, just wasn't sure if all companies were the same. I guess you're right about the moving parts observation.

My concern is that I'm OCD about my stuff. I like to treat it well so it stays in perfect condition. I know that when Apple refurbs its products, it replaces the outer parts showing wear so it still looks brand new physically. I would be sad with a refurbished product that was scuffed, dirty, scratched up, or otherwise looking not beautifully new.


@perkalicious11: You don't always need the nunchuk and you can usually find a good deal on Wii Play which comes with a controller.

Do not forget to wear your wrist strap. My son launched a controller at my head while I was sitting at my computer with my back to him, luckily he is a bad shot and missed.


@perkalicious11: This has turned into a major hunt, and I'm enjoying it, actually... :)

I know what you mean about being OCD about stuff that's in new condition, that's why I tend towards, new, although you are definitely validated in saying that many (reputable) companies will go through a thorough process with their refurbs.

It seems like your best options are what @theoneill55, @tygerdave and I have come up with in the first place, choose a system with the motion plus, and then get the Wii Fit expansion on discount. There are the combi-packs like Wal-Mart has for the system and the Fit for $299, but I'm fairly well convinced that you can get the Fit stuff alongside a $199 system for a cheaper total...


i think refurb vs new totally depends on the item.

is it something that someone could get a virus on? could they light it on fire and hide all the burn damage? how would you find the "wear" on an item, but a company wouldn't? that's what you have to ask for the refurb argument.

if it is an item that someone couldn't manage to hide the damage, then definitely go refurb. refurb is cheap and often friendly. if the damage can be hidden, think HARD about it. seriously hard.

i bought my wii new, but would buy a refurb as long as the merchant EXPLAINED to be me where they got the refurb. but i'm anal, so yeah.


I second that refurb products have worked well for me -- particularly when bought from a reputable dealer. I actually prefer (factory-tested) refurb for products with many moving parts, for the very reason of the more thorough QA. Specifically, I am a big fan of refurb power tools.

However, my experience in the refurb market is that most of the things I get do look used. For a miter saw, that gives it a nice "broken-in" appearance. For a wii, it might just give it a "broken" appearance. If you care about appearance, I would go with a new item, even if it is marginally more expensive. If you like to watch tv, for example, you'll likely be looking at it out of the corner of eye quite a bit.


I bought a refurb Wii system from Dysern right after Christmas and it is still rockin'! I wouldn't hesitate to purchase refurb as long as it has a warranty of some sort. That way if it shows up with a problem, you can return it.

Also as far as accessories go, be sure to get an induction charger for your remotes. The AA batteries don't last all that long from what I heard - I have been using the induction charger, so I can't swear to that.

You have to take the silicone jacket, (and the motion plus - if you are using it), off of the remote to change the batteries or to charge with the regular type.


Since I am way biased on this I won't enter into the Refurb vs. Not refurb debate except to say that our items are refurbed store returns and on Wii's we frequently get comments that the customer wouldn't have known it was a refurb if they weren't told at time of purchase. (Ok, it turns out I will enter the debate.) Anyway, we are at $159.99 with free ship at the moment but a bid whispered in my ear yesterday that that price is coming down today. I will post it as a deal if that happens.

@ravelazquez. Thanks for the positive report! Glad to hear.



@erikadyscern: Oh, mine was like that... I wouldn't have known that it was refurb!

It was my first experience with your store and I was very impressed!

Keep up the good work!


@erikadyscern: ooooh, thanks for the heads-up! Will you post the link to the deal on this thread when/if you post today?


I worked at Gamestop for a few years, and when it comes to game systems, Nintendo hardware has always been amazingly durable and reliable. During that time I can only remember getting a handful of broken systems. However Sony and Microsoft products are a different story. I saw a good number of broken Xboxs, and a broken PS2 weekly at the least. So if you're still looking for a system, Nintendo New, Reburbed, or likely even Used will still be a solid product.


So now that Erika's deal is rocking my socks, I'm trying to be realistic about my personal needs:

Wii deal from Dyscern: $140
Sports Resort & Motion+: ~$50 (found at Radio Shack)
Nunchuk: seems to run ~$20/each

...sounds like I'm better off getting one of the kits with Resort and the Motion+ & Nunchuk, right?

Then beyond all that, I'd get the Wii Fit piece separately, I believe. I see Dyscern has that too... At ~80, I guess I'm back to my original question:
should I try to find a bundle with the console, Sports Resort (and necessary accessories) and Wii Fit all together?


@perkalicious11: If you haven't already ordered (fingers crossed), there was another deal listed that's pretty cheap from Kmart... The deal listed was for the black, but Kmart's site has the white for the same price:

FYI, it's the White console, with the sports resort and motion plus, all at $160, new...


@arosiriak: I think I found the Black Wii Deal you're referring to:

When I click on that deal and the link you posted I see $199 for both. I didn't see a coupon code or anything mentioned. Is there something I'm missing?


@perkalicious11: Sorry, but I'm stumped as well on this one. Just to try it out, I went through the whole checkout process, but couldn't figure out how to get discount to apply... maybe someone from that deal's thread would know?


@perkalicious11: I looked at it on my iPod touch this morning (when it was in stock) and it said to add to cart for additional savings. I don't see that on the page now but I don't know if it's because it's not the mobile site or if it's because it's not in stock any more


@tygerdave: thanks for pointing that out. Since it was right next to the pictures of the credit cards, I didn't even process that.


According to the thread, it looks like the Kmart deal is actually dead - which sort of blows, since I had the item processed through my shopping cart a long while back... Looks like the best deal is the Dyscern refurb, and just do the accessories as aforementioned... Any way you look at it though, you've got the whole Woot community roiled and looking out for you, @perkalicious11!