questionswho got the real bag of crap today?


@brutherford: lol, was he banned? Cause that would be awesomely hilarious


@brutherford: not I, since social networking and personal email is blocked at work I have not been able to even participate in the fun of this weeks special BOC offerings


@brutherford: We humbly crawl back to you seeking pity after we were misled by false prophets.


@brutherford: Is getting stuck in the Antechamber of Doom his punishment?


Hmm I have a mandatory ethics seminar, during which they mention internet abuse, at the precise time the crap goes on sale....Coincidence? I think not.


@brutherford: I guess I am going to be in the eternal purgatory know as the Antechamber as well. At least I finally get to see what it looked like, something tells me I will get to know the screen well. Please just give @jimmyd103 a pass if he comes by, he deserves one!


Here I am, being dedicated to watching every woot-off like a hawk (which is what they want so that you end up buying more stuff anyway, which I do), and instead of at least giving me the chance at a reach-around, they double cross me and launch em on the facebooks! What's with the monkey business?? ;)


@brutherford: just so you know: the system still aint working right. i was logged in i was immediately thrown into the antichamberofdoom. while i was in there i told hubby across the room about it. he logged in and immediately got one. i sat in the waiting room until i was eventually kicked out of the waiting room because it was sold out.


@moosezilla: To me, that suggests you may have been added to @brutherford's "NO BOC FOR YOU!" list as a result of the "prank" earlier today.


I know there's some hate for the social media sites, but I'm rather enjoying the Great BOC Experiment (GBE) of giving folks different ways to get a BOC. First they started scattering the BOC offerings so they appeared several times throughout the WootOffs, then they added the social media offerings. These sites were blocked at my office, too, but it was a nice change of pace and gave opportunities to some folks who were never able to score one otherwise.

I don't always embrace change, folks (hence my recent and early retirement from a job I had loved), but keep in mind that these BOCs are being offered and it's not even a WootOff! Down here in South Louisiana, we would call these LAGNIAPPE BOCs!!!

Hopefully the next WootOff will also feature some BOC offerings.


Although this time around I'm hating the social media method (primarily because I'm not getting any), I have been skimming the comments. One perk of the new method is that it seems a lot of long time wooters are getting BOC's for the first time. That's nice.

I still have hope and if I can snag one I've already worked it out with woot that they'll ship it to my fiance as a wedding present (Sept 2nd is getting here WAY to fast). We'll see how it goes!


I might have if I had the opportunity on a woot site. But I didn't.


Soon everyone will have a boc. And when everyone is super... no one will be.


@bandk1000: THAT may be my favorite comment EVER. I wish I could upvote you twice.