questionsattn: mods - spammer on the loose in the deal…


Not limiting him/herself to just comments - also posting deals


Yeah you're fast, we're on it :)


There were quite a few of us working on it but here, have a gif:


@90mcg112: I know. Funny spamming the question talking about the spam. They are just asking to be deleted.


Dang, I must have missed it. I love reading spam! I get such a laugh out of it. I once got a spam email from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, I kid you not. And in case any of you are thinking I just got an email from some different FDR, it said "(President)" after their signature... so there.


@countdown: You didn't miss much, it wasn't interesting, it was only annoying. It was just a list of 7-8 domain names that were selling counterfeit/fake purses and other junk. The comment spam in deals were up to over 2 pages alone, plus the deals, then the spammer actually posted in this thread.


That was one ballsy spammer.