questionsdo you tattle and downvote at the same time?


Not necessarily. If it is a good deal the JUST expired, I will upvote. The poster deserves it. If it has been there and everyone comments that is expired and nothing is done, then YES. Maybe the OP will get the hint and expire it themselves.


I will tattle and downvote a deal that goes against the rules, and leave a comment for the less informed.

As for a deal that has expired, I just tattle. If I don't benefit from the deal I don't see the point in upvoting or downvoting, and if it's expired it certainly isn't the poster's fault that I didn't find it when it was valid.


No, I just tattle. I don't see the point of downvoting unless it's spam.


No, I don't think I've ever downvoted a deal just because it's expired, I just tattle.


I'd require separate reasons for downvoting and tattling unless something was really wrong.


Why would you downvote it? The original poster had no control over it expiring - assuming it was live when they posted it...


Nah. If its a bad deal, downvote. If it violates the rules or is expired, I'll just tattle. There's no point in downvoting something that will be removed IMO