questionshas anyone tried out passbook?


Nope. Probably will next time I go to a Starbucks, though.


Nope. I currently have no use for it. The apps made for Passbook just aren't any places I shop. I don't travel often, don't have a Target nearby and I'm not a fan of Starbucks. So...Passbook is pretty much useless to me right now. If they add Stop & Shop or CVS or something, I might use it.

I dont really have a ton of those frequent member cards though.

All in all, I like it as a concept. It'd be great if we could add our own cards, so that if an app doesnt exist, I could still use Passbook, but in the meantime it's just going to remain unused.


I've used it for Starbucks, and it worked great. It shows up on the lock screen whenever I'm near one of my favorited stores, pretty convenient. I also have a concert ticket ready to go from the Livenation app that I'm going to try out next month. So far that all I've needed it for, but still it seems like it has a lot of potential to be really handy.


No use for it here either.


It's a useless app. It just takes you to the app store to download apps.
You still have to use the other app to do anything.
Worst part, it can't be deleted or put in a folder like newsstand. Another useless app.


So far, pretty useless on my iPod Touch. Especially since there's no 3G data attached. I'll stick with CardStar - no Internet required. And that does work at CVS and many other places.


Just tried it with Starbucks the other day too because I had a free $10 card from a past deal, worked flawlessly even though it did felt a little awkward at first.

Definitely +1 on the variety of apps so far, but I could speculate that there will be more in the (far) future.

I find the "delete" option of the cards to be rather amusing.


It will be good one day. Just not today....