questionshow comfortable are you with using your mobileā€¦


Not too interested at all. The last thing I need to do is have all my eggs in one basket if you will.


Not afraid in the least. The technology seems plenty secure. I do not use it yet due to the lack of places that are set up for it.

It would be just as secure as my Credit Card or Debit Card and i have no problem using those. I guess I am without the paranoid gene.


The soda and snack machines in Woot's new Seattle office work with Google Wallet (via Mastercard Paypass). It is pretty great. I also used it at a drug store this morning.


If I ever lose my phone, that's bad enough. I don't want to also feel like I lost my wallet. I could see linking in one account, that has limited funds availability (ie, a credit card with a fairly low limit, or a secondary checking account with a limited balance) but I would not be interested in linking in all my primary accounts.


I would be more screwed losing my phone then my wallet. Wallet would be a hassle to cancel everything and all, but my phone would screw me. I have clients, price lists, inventory management, etc in my phone. If someone found that they would have my entire life in front of them! OUCH!!! Thank goodness for apps like find my phone that will allow me to locate and wipe my phone if it is lost or stolen!

That being said, yes I just started to use Passbook to pay for stuff. A few weeks ago I used it to purchase Fandango tickets and I was able to skip the ticket lines and walk right in. Easily saved us 45 minutes.

Also my credit card has been compromised a couple of times in the past and the credit card company always made it right. The last time they caught a $6 charge that I didn't make and called me to confirm that it was me within an hour of the transaction. When they realized it wasn't me they froze my account and I received a new card the following day.


The only way I could use my Razr as a wallet would be as a money clip.


If you lose your phone, it should not affect your WALLET. It is password protected. Have the phone shut off and wiped with an APP. Get a new phone. Everything is fixed (assuming you use another APP to back everything up). If you lose your actual wallet, you are MORE screwed because everything (credit cards licence, etc.) needs to be stopped and replaced.

I think there is too little education if you think everything is screwed if you lose your phone.


Considering my wife drove off with her smartphone on the trunk of the car not 4 hours ago, not real interested.


Not comfortable using that technology at all for now.


Not sure I'd be able to fit all my junk in it; sitting on it might also be a bit of a problem. :)


About as comfortable as I'd be using my wallet as my mobile phone! Badump-bump.. Tshhhh!

Really though I'm more of a cash-n-debit kind of guy. I've never been that put off by spending the 15 seconds to run my card or count out cash.. Plus, there's always a way to exploit technology.. granted there probably aren't a ton of shady guys walking around the mall, rubbing on people with their NFC scanners heh..

I could see it coming in handy for some people though.. and it is a "cool" technology.


I'd love to do it. I've even got a galaxy nexus. Though it's through verizon. There was also rumor of a google card that would just forward things back to your other cards. I'd love that as well.


I use Google Wallet wherever they have the capability. There aren't people walking around skimming data everywhere and if you lose your phone it needs a PIN, just like your debit card, and you can cancel it via the Wallet website. Don't really see how it's much different than carrying and using a debit/credit card.

It's convenient and actually fun to use I think. I still carry other cards since most places don't have NFC, but every trip to CVS and McDonald's is paid for via phone.


FWIW - many countries have been using their cell phones as not just an e-wallet but for club memberships, boarding passes, transit passes, etc for a decade. The US is pretty far behind the curve when it comes to cell phone usage.

Just a note - the US is behind not because we're troglodytes but because the US has a better option, specifically the home computer, cheap internet access, and efficient land lines for cable and DSL. In other countries, they don't have the land lines or are expensive to put in so they use their cell phones which allows for faster evolution.