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If there is a tablet you like without Qi charging, you might look into Qi Charging adapters. Sometimes these fit just over the battery inside the case. Other times, you can plug them in to the micro USB port and then tape the charge coil to the back of the tablet.


@bsmith1: Any specific recommendations for a specific tablet(s)?


I would suggest the Samsung Tab 3 or 4. Both have IR on them. Not sure of others with IR. I use the Tab 3 7" with the Peek Remote app, and the Ceton My Media Center App, Xbox 360 Glass.


@caffeine_dude: Not sure how into accessories you're looking to get, but like bsmith mentioned about the Qi adapter, you can also buy IR-adapters. So if you don't mind a little bit of crap hanging off of your tablet, it could expand your options :).

They have two main ones that I know of - MicroUSB and Audio-Jack adapter.. If you look around you can find 'em for under $10-15 bucks.
($7.99 + SH)

You can also build your own if that's your thing.. 2 IR leds soldered to a 3.5mm audio jack

Also, if you're just going to be using it for basic stuff, I still say the Sero Pro is about the best tablet spec-wise for your money
($49 - it's OOS currently, but comes back every few days)

It gets mixed reviews re quality, but for $50.. hey. Why not.


I'm not aware of any tablets with BOTH Qi/wireless charging and IR/universal remote control available currently for $170 or less. I think your best bet would be to couple an older, inexpensive tablet with a built-in IR blaster with an external Qi receiver film such as this one:

Why this instead of a tablet with built-in Qi plus an external IR unit? First, built-in IR is available on older thus cheaper models than built-in Qi. Also, the Qi receiver film doesn't add as much weight or thickness as an external IR.

A decent 8" tablet for around $80-90 (refurbished, on Woot! or eBay) is the Vizio VTAB8; be aware however, that it's an old unsupported model that doesn't run Kit-Kat. But it's perfectly fine as an universal remote control (even has a native, preloaded app) and for web browsing, YouTube, etc.

Another caveat is that the Qi charging this way will be slow and inefficient.


In fact, I'm not convinced that Qi charging is a good idea. As I mentioned above, it is inherently less efficient than charging via the microUSB connector, perhaps by as much as 30-50%. That inefficiency translates to more waste heat, which isn't good for either the lithium battery or the electronics.

Also, it's not truly wireless... you still have to run a wire to the Qi base charging unit. In effect, all you've done is move the wire from the tablet to the base charger, so the only real advantages are a few seconds saved (assuming you can quickly place your tablet on the charger) and possibly less wear/damage to the microUSB connector. The tablet, while charging, still has to be within a power cord's length from power outlet or USB socket.

Jmo, you must have your reasons for wanting Qi for this.


If you decide to roll your own [I think external IR & QI is cool -- external IR means that you can put LEDs on the perimeter of the case (no point this end at the TV), and external QI means you're not limited to those with internal kits], let me know -- I (and many others) are ready and willing to print a surround for the tablet to hold all the bits. [yes it's me, no I don't get a commission until you order something, so I'm not sure if it's a referral or not].

Or you could probably do similar with sugru or something else...


To all, Thank you for all the fantastic ideas!
I am not sure what I am going to do. (to be honest the longer I wait the better chance something will become cheap enough to fall into my requirements) I will come back here and let you all know what I did.

@thormj: If I decide I can not wait I will check into this.

To the mods if you must delete the link I copied it, thanks for waiting!