questions@narfcake help! what happened to the dark knight…


@sbaylus: Yes, I see that, but a shirt does not go from #1 -> Reckoned in <48 hours with no explanation.


I was just about to ask about this one! It glowed it the freakin' dark and it was Batman-related, there's no way it gets reckoned that quickly.

I was just about to use my coupon on it, too (sniff)


@1298ty: The early bird (owl) gets the worm (bat)...
Or, in the case of Contagion, nobody gets the bat, just the bat's half-eaten fruit, that makes a pig sick, and makes the world sick. Seriously though, bummer about missing the shirt.

@cowboydann: I, too am confused about how a shirt can go from #1 to #non-existent in one fell swoop. Methinks that there is some foul play at hand.


@narfcake where are you? We need your knowledge of all things shirt.woot now.


Gee, it's kind of hard to believe that @narfcake might have a life outside of Woot. :) Turn on the bat Uh, narfcake signal light! Wooterland needs him.


@narfcake (and others including the artist of said shirt, @nathanwpyle) talked about it over here:

Most people assume a C&D based on the name of the shirt.


@jezebelseven: I agree with some of the posters there that if it were just a name issue, it would have been changed (I believe woot has done that before).

They probably just did not want to get into that mess. My guess would probably be the general shape of the head got them a call. It's BS but if I were woot I wouldn't want to fight that battle, either.


I know it's hard to believe, but yes, I do have a life outside of Woot.

I have no official answer - just speculation, which was posted in this week's reckoning thread that @jezebelseven linked. Basically, my guess is that it was a cease/desist issue with the name "The Dark Knight", which is trademarked. Not wanting any other issues, Woot pulled it.


if you guys dont get an answer by monday @ tag me and i'll find out.


@jezebelseven: Thanks I don't know my way around the shirt.woot forums that well.
@Meh3884: I kind of figured that too, but I was curious for an official answer
@Narfcake: thank you for gracing us with your presence. I just figured if anyone would know it would be you. Could you please report back if you find something out so we're not sitting here tagging wootfast monday night?


@cowboydann: What truly happened, I'll never know. I might be the resident shirt nerd, but inside information, I haz none.


So do we have an answer for this? Any way to get the shirt?

Seems kinda fair it just suddenly disappears like that with no warning.


@krawnight: No answer beyond speculation; it's unlikely you'll be able to buy the shirt again. Try posting a wanted on or something.