questionsin my day... (the bottle cap debacle)


No. I long for the good old days.

Hey you kids, get off my lawn!


Hell no. Sometimes I will give my caps to others that are collecting them, but I don't really go out of my way to do it. There's no way I'm going to enter a code onto a webpage just to get told 'drink more ovaltine'. At least listening to the radio and decoding the message was fun.


Yeah, you don't win anything on coke. You get to collect points that you can spend on mostly crap. Or you can redeem them for free cokes or enter contests and giveaways and whatnot. I'm usually maxed out on points but I sometimes enter contests if I really want to win something. I never do win anything though. I miss the old days too.


I don't. But I do remember those days and I would go to the gas station and look under 10 or 20 bottles and making sure I was buying a winner. There's enough of an air gap that you could always read the text under the cap if you knew how.

The only time I use coke rewards codes is during Monopoly at McDonalds where you can win 30 points in one shot - enough for a free 20 oz.

I don't go for any sweepstakes or any of that.


I love coke rewards. Been doing them since the program first started, and have gotten tons of free stuff, from hats and tshirts and mp3 players, to six-flags themepark tickets, $5, $10, and $20 gift cards. Free 12 packs, and of course the free 20oz bottles 4-5 times per month. (I drink a lot of diet coke and sprite zero).

This week they're doubling the point value of powerade caps, which is a nice bonus, and nearly every wednesday they have a "sale" on some prizes. They also offer free points to the extent that I'd estimate that of my current 1,600 points, at least 600 were "free".

Thanks for reminding me, by the way.... I still have my free new quarter pounder burger coupon I got last month from coke! Headed out to get one now!

My only compliant is the inflation going on. A few years back I got a family 4-pack of six-flags tickets for 1,400 points, and today it's 1,000 pts per ticket. 20 oz cokes used to be 24 points, then they raised it to 30 pts, and now it's 40 points.


anyway, you can hardly blame the companies for switching to this method of promotion from the old style. This way they get your email address or celphone number to send out promotional emails or texts, and they can gather valuable marketing data... much more return on their investment. Also, with that old style of prizes under the cap, sometimes the big prizes were never won/claimed because the few winning caps were never bought, or the person never checked to see if they won.


I'm with @kamikazeken, my family generally only drinks Coke products (same with my employer), so yes, I collect all the codes and have been doing it for years. I have received a bunch of free stuff (shirts, 12 packs of soda, gift cards, puzzles, umbrellas, etc) and I guess I'll just keep doing it until they stop the program.


I enter the codes but I do not get very many. I have gotton a handful of free coke coupons but I do not pay too much attention to the program. Sure liked the old way better!


The wife plays. Best you can hope for seems to be free music.


I've been saving the points for years, but have never bought anything other than coupons for free 12 packs. When I started saving them there were some really cool things offered for thousands of points, but just about the time that I had accrued a few thousand, they maxed offerings out at 2000 points, limiting the items to smaller ones. Ah, well.

I still save the points, and enter a lot of contests when there is something I would really like, but have only occasionally won small things such as burger or sub sandwich coupons. (Still want one of those big trips!) I think I have about 6000 points stashed away.


I wonder if they will change to QR codes to make entering easier? Seems like if they made it a one step process more people would enter.


i used to work at a grocery store.... all the night stockers had mini maglite flashlights- during lunch break, we would shine the light through the top of the caps and the message would appear on the surface of the liquid like the bat signal. worked on everything but sprite. i think soft drink companies figured out this stuff was happening in stores other than mine, and had to go to these codes. ;-)


@kamikazeken: I wouldn't wear any of their caps or t-shirts even if they were free and I didn't have to go through all that effort to get one.

Who wants to wear something plastered with the Coke name all over it and providing free advertisement for a company? Not me. The only t-shirts I wear now are the shirt.woot ones and people are always asking me where I got them.


Does anyone else get really annoyed when you just can't read the code clearly? The codes in the boxes of cans are usually pretty clear (although I get smudged ones occasionally), but the codes inside the lids are often a mess. My OCD kicks in and I HAVE to figure out the code. Is that a K or an H? Oops! Maybe it's an N!



I earned 2 Mountain Dew X-Boxes. No contest just points. Sold them for over 2x what OEM cost.

The Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox was only available through a Mountain Dew sweepstakes requiring loyal Dew-drinking Xbox fans to amass 550 points in order to "buy" the Limited Edition Xbox. The sweepstakes spanned 5 months – from April to August 2004. Production was limited to 5000 units. Within 1 day all systems were reserved. The Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox is neon-green colored and has a special jewel atop the Xbox that has the words "Limited Edition" and the Mountain Dew logo under the Xbox name. Included with the neon green console is one of two games: Project Gotham Racing 2 or Amped 2. Only 30 points could be registered per day for the contest.
Mountain Dew Points were awarded as follows: 20 oz. 1 pt, 1-liter 1 pt, 2-liter 1 pt, 12-pack 3 pts, 24-pack 6 pts, 32/44 oz. Fountain Cups 1 pt


Back in the day, Coke had a 50 state contest. They printed the name of each state under the caps. And that was when you had to carefully take the top off a glass bottle with a bottle opener. None of this screw-off top easy-peasy stuff. And we had to walk 7 miles through the snow to get to a store! And...and...

(I won the contest. :-) )


I enjoyed the Mountain Dew Game Fuel promotions. They gave away prizes every 15ish minutes and you could use codes towards entries. Got a free hoodie.


@phillystyle: I don't remember. :-D
no,seriously...I don't. Maybe a free 6-pack or something like that.


@omnichad: A friend of mine would tilt the soda under the light of the refrigerator case to see what was written on the cap reflected on the surface of the soda. He used to never pay for soda. I never bother with those codes, but I have a co-worker who loves all those games (especially the Monopoly supermarket game) and I earn buddy points bringing her in all the game pieces I accumulate.


Back in my day, there was a 1-in-6 wins promotion where 1 out of every 6 bottles would win a free 20oz soda. I can't remember which kind of pop it was... The best part was you could just give the cashier your winning cap and walk out the store with your new beverage. I think my best streak was 6 wins in a row without buying a single bottle. That was an epic summer.


I won a Garrison Hearst autographed football, circa 1993, in an instant win game (it was a Coke promotion). I had to call this 1800 number and enter my code, then a recorded message came on and told you what you won and how to claim it.

Instant gratification is what this country desires


I have a bag of Coke codes sitting around that I have not done anything with for over two years. The codes are still good but I never had the time to enter them all and now with the limits per week, it is even more of a pain. Like other posters have said, the quality of the prizes has gone down as well so there is even less motivation. I miss the days of opening a bottle and seeing "Winner" under the cap.


Can you be more specific? I am trying to defeat a patent that was issued in 1996. It was grated in Europe for a process that uses a unique code to claim a prize or a discount via using an electronic communication means. They thought of the internet as the communication means. But the telephone would qualify.
So what you are describing fits that bill perfectly. And 1993 is before 1996 last time I checked.

If you have any more information on the name of the sweepstake or you might even have a cap from those days that would be it.

Thanks a lot for your help.