questionsare cashmere sweaters worth it?


How could you do this to me? Where's the link to the sale? Of course they're worth it. It's like the difference between silk and burlap.

[Edit] Hah! Here's the link, so others may be more easily tempted.


The single most comfortable thing I own is a cashmere/silk blend sweater. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.


Here's the link to the sale:
Feel free to post it :)

I can seen that cashmere is way better than cotton/synthetic, but what about merino? Even on sale cashmere is still more expensive than merino, and merino you don't have to dry clean.


@zvwang: Merino is just expensive (and very soft) sheep's wool. It's very nice, but it's still regular sheep. Cashmere is usually from several long haired breeds of goats (but it's still called wool), and is incredibly soft. Here's some fun data, for the curious.

There's Merino (and other wools) from sheep, Cashmere from goats, Angora from rabbits, Mohair from Angora goats (no, I don't know why that isn't also Angora), and all of those are considered wool. I'm allergic to sheep's wool, so cashmere is doubly wonderful for me.

As a random aside, the process used in creating wool carpets removes whatever it is that is the allergen in wool (or so I've been told).