questionswhat is your recommendation for a usb…


Do you mean something like this?

If so, I don't have any direct experience, but it strikes me as a good idea. If the power goes out, you have something that charges quick on something you'll probably have handy (a laptop) and then you've got an led flashlight.

That being said, why get something like this over a conventional LED flashlight? You can find 9 LED lights with pretty solid construction and run on just a few AAA batteries for around the same price. Just keep that handy and I think it would accomplish the same thing.


I keep flashlights everywhere, so I am excluded from this situation.


I'm hoping for biolite stove for Christmas, and I really need everyday carry flashlight. So I was hoping to find something that can charge ofF USB for extended power outages but still be good enough to use everyday. while that little light you showed from ThinkGeek is nice, things a little small for everyday use in my mind, it seems more of a backup light to me.


@philosopherott: Neat stove, I didn't know there was such a thing as USB power from fire!

My suggestion was going to be a USB AA battery charger to power batteries for a small LED flashlight. There's a Sanyo eneloop-branded charger SEC-MDU012AAN with USB input but unfortunately its price has jumped from from < $20 to $60 (ebay) or $79 (Amazon third party) as apparently it's discontinued.

An ebay seller does have a similar, unbranded charger (MWU112) for ~ $16 with shipping - and it includes two eneloop AAs. Another option on both Amazon and ebay is flashlight / battery storage combo devices from KMASHI - the lights on those look less than impressive in the pics, though, and completely lack review feedback.


May be a bit big for EDC, and expensive, but:

I expect to get mine in any day now.