questionshow do i find this phone's owner?


You could try activating Siri, and say "Call ICE" to see if you can get ahold of an emergency contact if it is set up. Odd that an incoming call requires passcode. Otherwise, you could bring it to the local police department.


@lichme: That seems strange to me as well, but anything I try to do with it takes it to the password screen. I naively thought I'd be able to open contacts and call someone from there. How does one activate SIRI? Sorry, I have a very simple Tracphone, I've never used one of these. Taking it to the cops is my last resort as I am afraid they are going to expect me to drive it back to the city I found it in right away. If I can find the owner I'd expect they'd at least meet me halfway. This is going to be a crazy busy week and weekend. I wish I'd remembered to leave it with security.


@moondrake: Hold the circular button at the bottom of the phone (in the middle) I think for a few seconds.


you could also take it to an AT&T store (actual store, not a mall kiosk). they can probably look up the owner's info using the IMEI.


@lichme: Thanks!
@carl669: That hadn't occurred to me. Thanks.


@carl669: First thing I thought of too but I wonder if the AT&T store would be willing to give you the name and address of the owner. The phone number might not help because it would probably just be the wireless number of the phone you have.

Seems this could be a privacy issue for their customer. You could leave it with the AT&T store and have them call the customer but them you don't know the ethics of the employees if they would keep it for themselves or would they really call the customer.


@cengland0: yeah, that's what i meant. i highly doubt they would give you any contact info, but i'd hope they would contact the owner. or maybe call the owner for you so you could leave a message or something.


Perhaps you could also try taking it to an Apple Store. They should (I could could be wrong) be able to do a lookup on the serial number of the phone and tie it to an Apple/iTunes/MobileMe account. Then they might be able to reach out to contact the owner by their associated email address to give them your email address or phone number for them to get into contact with you.


If they have "Find my iPhone" enabled (which they probably do) they probably now know where their phone is.

I think your best bet is going to be an AT&T Store. They should be able to get the phone number from information on the SIM, then get the owner's info.

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Whatever you do, don't undress in front of it! The owner may have installed surveillance app to take photos and stuff in the event their phone was stolen! I hope they don't track it via gps and storm your house!


@bsmith1: Me, too. I powered it down so the battery wouldn't run down and make it even more difficult to locate its home. I tried for SIRI but the phone service has been turned off to it. I will try to get by the AT&T store tonight or tomorrow night.


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