questionsif i have a sansa clip+, should i use rockbox?


I have also have a clip+ and the main reason I went for Rockbox is AAC support. I didn't want to have to worry about converting any of the music I got from iTunes. I also really like the customizable views and the interface is better.

Once you Rockbox, you can go back and delete every trace of it, but I think you'll like it.


I have Rockbox for my laptop I take abroad and use it with a cheap MP3 player I bought abroad.

I quite like it. It's fairly intuitive to use, it supports loads of different style files, and its open-source. What's better than that?


I don't have a Clip+, but I do have a v2 Fuze and I love Rockbox.

In addition to the large amount of customization, there are also games in case you need to pass the time. Well at least for the Fuze, not sure on the Clip+.


I have the sansa 200e, ok 5 of them in the house, and I like rockbox becuase I got tired of turning on the sansa with the original OS and the library would rebuild the entire 5 min drive to my destination.

I say if you can uninstall it, try it.


Oh ya and my kids get a kick of the thing saying 'Shutting down' when I power it off.