questionsis there a place where i can find cheap cell…


Depending on your phone provider, I would recommend just getting a new phone. The way I do it is I add a new line to my plan (Which is a family plan); that way I get the "NEW Customer Discount Price"; which for Sprint is always better than current member-upgrade price.

Then I deactivate my primary line and keep the new line. My phone number never changes because I use Google Voice.


i say sign up for their cheap $4 monthly phone warranty, wait a few days, then tell them you have a problem. the bad thing is they would try to test you to see if the phone is working before approving the warranty. you can beg, borrow, steal a charged battery since all you need is enough charge to prove your phone is currently working. one example of proof i've heard of is reading them back a text they sent you while they're on the phone with you

if you have a good friend, they can help you with the charged battery issue. if you want a cheap used phone, look to ebay


@devexityspace: That's pretty clever.

@mainjn: I would also probably just go for getting a new one. Personally, I keep an old working phone around so if I break my current one, I can switch to the old one and hold out until my contract expires so I can get a discounted new one.


Don't forget you can probably get quite a bit for it on Ebay if that's all that's wrong with it -- if you haven't boycotted them as I have


Why don't you just buy a "battery only charger" (charges battery while it's outside the phone)?

I found one on Amazon for less than $13, shipped and posted the deal with a #challenge tag:

If you go this route, you might want to get an extra battery as well (have one in the phone while the other charges).

Another option is to get a "pre-owned" Droid. Cowboom is currently selling used models for about $80, shipped: