questionsare you going to do the crapword puzzle for a…


Not likely. But, for those who's the Carpword.

And best of luck to you!!


That would take too much interest in the WOOT! Off. Just not that interested.


I might do it later today because I enjoy word puzzles. I've pinned the tab, just in case I get that bored. Full disclosure: I also enjoy receiving random bags of crap from the mailman. It's a problem.

But, as to the Woot Offs? I'm deliberately avoiding them as much as possible. I'd almost certainly blow the budget on impulse buys with shipping @ $5 /per.


This may, or not, be relevent. Things run through my head. Love The Midnight Rider

If you know the lyrics, you might remember "Not gonna let them catch me, no. The Midnight Rider. I've got one more silver dollar..."

I spent that silver dollar long, long ago. Here. The old woot. The good deals woot. It no longer exists.

Woot-offs are the same prices offered before. More than once. And, not good prices/bargains. IMO, not worth buying. Check Zon, they probably have it for less. Are there ANY good bargains left? I think not. Ennui consumes me. Others might disagree.

BOCs still exist. Sort of. As many know, it's not the same. Will not continue to lament what was, and is now gone. Dead horse, as I've mentioned before.

Again, to those new to this game, and those still bright-eyed & bushy tailed (I know a bad cliche), best of luck to you.

And, you will tell us of the wonder of your bargain purchases & BOC winnings, yes?


@mamajamerson: I too enjoy it with the mailman drops a hefty bag on my doorstep. Dangling it just outside my eager threshold...Oh the joy when I finally receive the package!


So good I had to come back....found this on the crap link:

"Print this out! Or fill in the blanks on
your computer! Or forget this ever
happened and go on living your life!"

Better words never written by woot. "...Or forget this ever happened and go on living your life."



no Can't believe they were offering an item for 5.99 and want 5 to ship, This is too depressing to watch.


nope, have somewhat of a life.


I'd like to do the crapword puzzle as a real puzzle vs. a contest once all the clues are available in one place.
Or not, if it's spoilered too easily.

I got a pair of April craps, so I'm all for letting others have a crack at this one.

Really though, it's just Woot's solution for offering a BoC during a WooToff without killing the servers while keeping people "engaged".

I'll give props for the solution.

j5 j5

Not so much. Working on our old boat this week and about to head out to where interwebs access is sketchy, at best. Shouldn't really be spending any money this month as DH was laid off last month. Ah, well.


I'm competitive and enjoy puzzles, I may give it a go here and there, but not really shooting for crap. The odds are more terrible than usual anyway.

Also, is it me, or do we have the ghost of flouncers past still posting?


That crapword puzzle is making me grumpy. Why, oh, why did I not listen to my level headed friends here this morning? I have wasted so much time and energy. When will I learn my lesson?


I wasn't going to, then I started and now I've wasted far too much time on it.