questionshave you seen the classic woot tshirts on shirt…


I thought of you when I saw that. Hope you got a big woot discount. Heck, they should GIVE it to you.


And all 2010 Holiday Gift Guide classic shirts come with a $5 coupon good for a future woot shirt purchase.

I thought of both of you when I saw the Unicorn, but then I had to go and purchase the evil meter for #2 as he is the most devious devil in the house.


@theoneill555: I thought of @shrdlu when I saw the coffee gauge shirt. Too bad they didn't put up the Krampus shirt. I've got to dig mine out of the drawers. It puzzles cashiers, I'm telling ya.


@theoneill555 (and @lavikinga): I currently have enough t shirts, that I will not be able to wear them out before I am worn out, and disappear from all your ken. I've probably given 90% of the shirts I've received over the years to friends, or to charity, and my last guess was upwards of 200. I wear them to garden in, and as undershirts in the winter for warmth, but I have no use for further ones.

I even gave away the flying monkey shirt (from the launch, or perhaps pre-launch) of shirt dot woot. I sent it off as a gift some time back. All my remaining shirts have some sentiment attached, or else they'd be gone, too. The woot shirts are too thin, anyway.

Very kind of you to be interested, though.


@shrdlu: 'cause that's the way we roll.

"These foolish things remind me of you..."


Fat Unicorn cracks me up, but I don't know that I'd wear it. Plus, Christmas is Ribs is a great seasonal shirt- event though I have no idea what it means lol


great to see some old designs becoming available again!


Does anyone have a link to the shirts? I can't find it on shirt.woot and I want one.