questionswhat's a good toaster oven?


Cuisinart TOB-155 Black Toaster Oven Black Stainless

This is what I have. I do not use the conventional oven any longer as this is 1,000 times more efficient to use. I paid $113. from in March '12
Never had a problem with it at all, it comes with a 3 year warranty !

If you do a good 'net hunt like I did, you can find it for a good price also.
It does not have convection, can make a 12" pizza in 15min.
Sounds like you are cooking for 1, so am I, this is why I chose the Cuisinart


A T-fal toast oven has served my family well over the past few years. We use it more for single dishes and in the Summer to avoid heating up the whole house. Ideally suited for baking a variety of foods such as chicken breast, fish fillets, biscuits, etc. for one or two. I'd prefer a digital time and temperature gauge because the mechanical dials require your best guesstimate. Overall, I have been completely satisfied with it.


I have gone through a few in the last several years. What I have found out is, that none of them made toast worth a damn!

My latest is an Aroma brand that I got at a very decent price several years ago from Kohls, I believe. It kicks butt as a oven, but is horrible as a toaster.

I ended up just getting an inexpensive toaster over at Wallys World, and using it for toast. But I use the oven far more than I do the plain toaster.

I have cooked everything from reheated meals, to frozen foods like fries chick nuggets, to actually cooking, fresh pork chops(thick cut) in it. This oven gets far more use than my regular oven.


I have a DeLonghi toaster convection oven I like a lot. Does what I need, not too big. Even has a special rack for pizzas.


This post reminded me, after a long time of forgetting of it's beautiful amazingness, that I dearly want, nay, need this amazing contraption:

So amazing, so overpriced, so necessary for my life...once day I shall own it.


I have a Cuisinart TOB-40 that I'm very happy with. In fact, I have four Cuisinart electric kitchen items that I can't say anything bad about. I have used 2 other toaster ovens in the past (one Black & Decker, don't recall the other brand) that burned the slice of toast on the left and undercooked the slice on the right, or maybe vice-versa... Anyway, my Cuisinart cooks evenly and reliably. Also, once you reheat a slice or two of leftover pizza in a toaster oven, you'll never put it in the microwave again. :)


@jellyrolly: Agreed about the Cuisinart brand.

They cost a bit more, but in the long run they outlast everything.
I got to the point where I was only going to purchase something one last time in my life and Cuisinart is it. No more lower price stuff which only become throw a way's in a short period of time.