questionswhat's a fair price for woot! monkeys?


Hey man- if you don't like my prices, then don't buy them from me.


Since they were purchased at .99-1.99 originally I would find that fairly steep. I'm not so sure that they are a "valued" collectible anyway.


I'm with @jsimsace on this one.

Plus, really what's valuable are the accessories for the most part. I think in most cases you could swap accessories from one to another and not know the difference.. plus, as much as I like Woot! monkey's they aren't exactly beanie-babies :)

I guess if all of a sudden the Woot-Monkey market exploded and I had to give it a FAIR number I'd say allowing for maybe a MOST $5-7 for common ones and maybe $10-15 for uncommon.. most all of them are made in pretty large numbers too.
In the current market I'd say $.99-$3.


I goofed that last message up.. I stopped then restarted it then didn't edit it in time :) - the beanie babies thing was a joke too. I'd take a Woot Monkey over a Stubby the Pig any day.


I had to go on ebay to check. I'll just say that's amazing. I like the "super rare" one that has 5 listings of the same one after it.


Basic supply and demand. If someone is willing to pay 100 dollars the monkey is worth 100 dollars. I imagine I could find plenty of people selling monkeys for less.


I understand supply and demand. I just didn't think anyone was crazy enough to spend that much for one monkey (really just for a cape...). I'm ok with having an incomplete collection if it means not throwing down $400 for 8 or 9 monkeys...


Wow. I wish that I knew that these monkey's were so expensive. I was unpacking my stuff that was in storage and came upon about a dozen of Mortimer and Monte's cousins. I didn't know they were a veritible gold mine.


I am thinking 1-2 woot monkeys for all of someones dignity depending on the value of the Yen is about right these days.