questionsis free shipping required for you to purchase a…


If the price of the item is fair enough, I don't mind paying shipping costs.

I like free shipping, but it's the total that I look at.


Free shipping is always nice, but if the shipping is reasonable, I don't mind paying shipping. I also don't mind free in store pick up deals if it's a local store.


I have to say, I do find myself less willing to pay for shipping nowadays. I wouldn't say free shipping is required, but I think my upper limit is around ~5$ for shipping, even for more expensive things. Whenever I see a deal that does charge shipping, I'm definitely less inclined to commit. Still, I don't think I've ever bought more to reach the free shipping threshold. I usually just try to Google a free shipping coupon or see if I can just find it at a local retailer.

I think part of the psychology is that, if I decide to return it, I don't want to be short two shipping charges, as the customer usually has to pay for return shipping as well.


@liberati: I'm with you. I will pay reasonable shipping, especially from private sellers that don't get a discount from shipping companies.

However, I refuse to pay them to ship "handle" the item. That is, if they want $10+ to ship something that I could ship for a few bucks, then they're trying to make money on the shipping costs.


Free shipping doesn't necessarily make the deal for me but excess shipping and bogus handling charges can definitely make me pass on a deal. Profit margins shouldn't be made on handling fees.

On the other hand, excess fees have made me go and buy the item locally to keep my money local so it isn't a terrible thing.


I'm in line with everybody else. It's preferred, but I'll pay a couple of bucks. I will, however, compare the total cost with shipping to Amazon or Shoprunner sites before buying to see what my lowest cash outlay is. If it's equal, I'll go with Amazon or Shoprunner, because in the event of a return, I will get more money back - a la, if Amazon has the item for $100 & prime shipping, and another place has it for $95 + $5 shipping, returning to Amazon will get me $100, whereas the other place would return $95.


Total cost is what I care about.


Of course not, as everyone else is saying, total cost is all that matters. The one exception is eBay where I'll pay a small amount more for the same product w/ free shipping since since you only earn ebay Bucks on the base price not shipping, i.e. I will almost always buy an item $5 + free shipping over $.30 + $4 shipping.


Cost + Shipping = Actual Cost.

It's as simple as that, if it is still a good deal after the shipping, then yeah, I'll buy it. But if you only save say $5 from buying a $100 item in store because of the shipping, I'd rather buy it at a store and not have to wait for shipping.

@apocello42: It's only 2%. In your example, your $5 item would essentially be $4.90. The other one would essentially be $4.29 (depending on rounding)


@apocello42: In your Ebay example, if the seller with the $4 shipping looks like a single person, I would rather buy from them. Ebay has geared itself towards selling companies and kill the little guy in taking fees in the purchase cost. Higher shipping is the only way anyone can make any money.


I think it all depends on the item. If it's a small item and they're charging 5$ for it, i'll pay a little shipping. It's when the shipping is twice the cost of the item that I have a bit of a problem. And that is at fixed price, if I'm bidding on an item, that is totally different. I know I'm getting a 20$ item for 1$ I don't care how much the shipping is, because I saved 19$ right off the bat.


I always check cost + shipping. But, when something is offered with free shipping, I may give it a look before something that isn't.


I look for the lowest total cost from online sources and brick and mortar sources.

Impulse buys are often sweetened by the promise of free shipping, though.


It depends on the item, local availability and my transportation costs as I don't have a car so sometimes an item with even $7.00 - $10.00 shipping may be less as I figure in $6.00 bus fare round trip + incidentals,or gas for friend's rides if packages become too heavy on my return trip plus it saves time and I seldom have to buy shipping materials as I can reuse boxes, air pillows, packing peanuts etc.