questionsis anyone else having a case of the "mondays"?


Not yet, but I'm betting later this week it'll all hit at once. :) Hope your day gets better!


Man, and I thought I had a bad day being sick for almost two weeks now. Hope your week improves!


I was because I woke up late and had to go to work with no coffee. I've had a big cup of tea and am doing better :). Not nearly as bad as yours.

Plus I work @ 6AM so my day is already half over and that makes me warm and fuzzy.


I am. But I have Thursday and Friday off so it's not so bad.


a little bit...sat at urgent care for 2 hours to check out a suspected broken toe. the dr. said he couldn't tell if it's just a shadow or it's actually cracked...waiting for the radiologist to call.

the day isn't over yet, so we'll see what else happens. hope your day improves!


"No. No, man. Sh*t, no, man. I believe you'd get your a$$ kicked sayin' something like that, man."


I have the day off, so no mondays for me. But I do have a bad case of the "10+ hours to go till Borderlands 2 releases".


ok i take that back. NOW i'm having a monday. the apt above me is leaking into my apt and into the apt below me.


@proxgotsthafia: Well, at least I didn't have any issues with my TPS reports... :)


Thanks all for the well wishes for the rest of the day. It has definitely been better, but of course, I've just jinxed myself.

To all of those suffering from the "Mondays" with me, I hope you have a great rest of the day!


I couldn't fall asleep until about 6:30am this morning. Woke up a few hours later to 4 separate spots of puppy vomit. Then, my phone reminded me about an appt I'd missed by an hour.

So, I rescheduled my appointment. Busted out the carpet steamer/cleaner and the pet mess spot cleaner and handled that. Before coffee. o_O - my day has since improved greatly. I hope yours has as well.


I always have a case of the Mondays.