questionsdoes it even matter any more?


No, it doesn't matter anymore. Now it's just "Black November".
I think the whole thing is racist. Why do good deals only happen on black Friday?! Rabble rabble rabble! White Tuesday FTW!


I doesn't to me. I go camping every Thanksgiving and don't usually come back until later the next week.

I gave up on Black Friday shopping when my daughter was about 4 (19 years old now). There was a huge fist fight in a Walmart over an Elmo doll. Kids were all around and one got pushed down at the beginning of the fight. I dropped my stuff and left. I haven't made that mistake since.

While some prices are awesome-never-find-it-cheaper, the stress is just not worth it. Plus, there is only one or two of any given awesomely priced item, and add to the fact that most electronic must haves are already sold out before then.


If you can find the two tablets I am hoping to buy at Best Buy on BF for the same price now, I will agree with you. But as it stands, I haven't found anything comparable available outside that uncomfortable BF window.

7" no-name tablet running Jelly Bean for $39.99

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet 16GB for $399.99 (comes with a $10 BB gift card but I can write that off). This isn't as good a deal as the cheapie one above, but $30 off plus a $10 gift card is pretty good. Newegg has a recertified one for $299 that I am considering.


@pyxientx: If people acted that way here I wouldn't go either. Fortunately here the worst it gets is rude shopping cart driving or taking a scarce item from your cart if you walk away from it. But most people are cheerful and friendly, both shoppers and clerks. It's more of a fun adventure than a bloodsport. You frequently hear shoppers telling one another what's on sale and where they found that item in their cart. I have shared items that I was buying multiples of when someone told me they didn't get any. There's no need to be mean. We hit the main stores on our list, have a nice pre-dawn breakfast, make a late swing past the less important stores to see if there's anything we want left, and head home for a nap before the BF board game party.


@moondrake: It is great that people are nicer where you live. Going shopping with my mom on BF used to be fun, and I have fond memories until the big Talking Elmo fiasco about 15 years ago. Now, backpacking in the wilderness is a much better way to spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


I spent 10 years working in retail, in a mall. It was like Vietnam (no disrespect intended). Got out and never will do the BF thing again. Going to do something touristy and historical. Will do all my shopping online later.