questionsi hate to be "that guy," but does anybody know…


I remember when I used to be "that guy". Truth be told, I would say to let it go, this is a battle that can not be won.

Also, +1 for your original tag. I enjoyed it.


@studerc: I've been around for a long time, I'm just not on here nearly as much as a use to be and it gets really frustrating when you have a great deal to share and you have expectations (expectations which deals.woot actually created based on previous usage) and they go and mess it all up.

I'm becoming bitter.


I'd assume that it is all based on the mod that reviews the deal. It's possible that someone tattled on it and they had a good explanation as to why.

Ultimately it's up to the mods interpretation of the rules whether your deal is allowed or not. Having "current" rules wouldn't help you here because of that. Their voice is final, so even if you did have rules in hand to quote from it wouldn't matter.

A mod felt that your deal needed to be removed, and that's the end of the story.

It has been discussed that if your question or deal is deleted, that the OP get e-mailed a response as to why it's removed so that they may understand. Not sure if their system is set up to be able to do something like that, though.


@thepenrod: I was wondering why no one posted the Cinema Now deal yesterday(it took about 6 hours for them to give away all the codes). What about posting it on the question side, if they are going to delete it from the deal side?


Yeah, I have had things deleted that were the same basic things as others that went popular when posted by someone else. The rules appear to be pretty arbitrary and random. It doesn't make me mad, but it does make me think twice about investing my time in posting something that isn't a completely straightforward "save bucks here" sort of thing. I've skipped passing on a number of good deals because I am not sure they'd be welcome.


Post the deal, just don't point to facebook. Any company that relies on facebook for their advertising doesn't deserve the free advertising they get from having a deal on deals.woot. IMHO


You're That Guy?! I've been looking for you everywhere!


@squirtle456: I thought about putting the info in the question side, but it was too late by the time I got home from work last night for it to matter.


@mschauber: I guess I could have given detailed instructions on how to find the deal in facebook without a link. But that would still be providing advertising. Also, if they are giving you something free, who cares if they deserve it or not?


@lobstrain: That depends on how you read quotation marks. Sarcastically? Referentially? Suspectingly?... Wait, what?


I was unsuccessful in finding the following clips:
Anything with "That Guy"- Futurama
That Guy- Family guy, Parody of That Girl

I'm sorry for failing you


It's easier to gain forgiveness than permission?!?


I hate Facebook deals, think I'll create a fake facebook just for such matters. It does seem every company wants you to "like them" on Facebook to receive a coupon.