questionsdoes turbotax 2013 h&b reboot your computer at…


For what it's worth, yours is the first forced-reboot complaint I've heard. We haven't started taxes yet, so as sorry as I am to say this, I hope it's just a quirk on your machine.

You might want to read this Amazon review and see if it has any useful info:

or here:


@budrose: This Turbo Tax VP has been answering questions on the Amazon review pages, including the link I listed above. Here's an email address for him (or someone else useful, I'm not sure which): (Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax}


The reboot just means it's sending all your info to the NSA. No worry's mate!


That hasn't occurred on my computer. Used Turbo Tax/Macintax for years, never an issue. I would venture a wild guess that you might want to download and run a full scan of Malwarebytes Antimalware. Do the full scan, not just a quick scan. If that doesn't cure it, then you can look elsewhere, but this is a quick, cheap possible fix, and besides, you should run an antimalware tool anyway.


@cruiseman70: This, assuming antivirus is turned on and updated.


Evidently @budrose isn't bothering to check back for an answer.


@magic cave: @all: Thanks for the information and links.. I bothered checking back for over 6 hours after the question was asked. I've been away from the computer since Saturday evening.

I see the first helpful answer was shortly after I last checked.

I've used turbo tax since 2002, this is the first time this has happened to me also. Although last year, I thought I'd give up on it since it required I bloat my computer with the MS .NET crap.

I'll be taking the time to research the alternatives for next year.


I have a WinXP desktop that I used for years with TurboTax - it could never finish the install and did crash the computer a few times during the many tries. So, I installed in on my WinXP laptop with 4GB very simply and got about half way through my taxes and got a random blue screen of death with quick reboot. I went back at it and about 5 minutes later it did it again. This computer has not done this kind of thing every in 7 years !!! Looking around the Web, it is appaarantly absolutely true the TT 2013 is doing the blue screen of death for many people. Hopefully I will get it to finish without doing it much more. It is a roach motel - the bug got in and never left this year.