questionsdid you know that thunderthighs is a model?


Answering that question could be dangerous. I'll just say "she can be anyone she wants to be".


I'm going with Foofa. Just so I can say Foofa.


I think she's the Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa - but that is strictly my conjecture.

Does anyone else have the sock monkey jammies in their cart? Just me? FINE THEN.


I think she is Sock Monkey, and a very fine looking Sock Monkey at that.

@thumperchick: those will look great on you!


I think she's Yo Gabba Gabba too. Only I have never heard of that cartoon character before.
Can someone enlighten me ?


@hot72chev: Looks like you were right! She said she's not Scooby or YoGabbaGabba... which only leaves the super monkey of sockness.


Oh come on! Woot. Monkey. Was there any doubt?

Now, no more questions asking me for photos. That's all you'll get and you'll be happy with it.



i heard she married billy joel


Woohoo! I was right! I always figured her as a Woot monkey. I see her as Monte, trying to reel in the wild antics of us Mortimers.


@thunderthighs: I saw no thunder. But do you make the screaming noise when thrown?


TT had us going on the Woot Community message board for a while, but we guessed the monkey suit eventually. I think we all need to buy some of these and take pix to post here. DH paid nearly $50 apiece for sock monkey PJs for me and my sisters at Christmas. These are a much better price!