questionshow many spices do you have in your kitchen?


Oh, Lord! If you find a 12 step program let me know. I have seasonings in several different places around my kitchen and at my office (just in case, you know). I don't dare take a count!


100+ but I only use about 30 on a regular basis.


I have 44. Am looking for an over-the-door spice rack (pantry door, not cupboard door) because they take up too much cupboard space. Currently have them on tiered racks in alphabetical order so I can find them easier and this way I don't end up with three cans of rosemary and two jars of tumeric. The only place I've found the over-the-door ones are at The Container Store, but they're pretty pricey.


I have maybe 20-30. I don't really go on buying sprees, if I need something specific for a meal I'll end up buying it and using it once or twice. I'm sure after a few more years my collection will double. I do need to get some sort of organization system though. As @pooflady pointed out, I am also concerned I'm going to end up buying double of something if I haven't already!


I have many, but I try not to let it get out of control. I also try not to let spices sit too long in a cupboard because they lose too much flavor. My favorite place to order spices online is definitely they have fantastic selection and quality. Plus their catalogs have some tasty recipes!


@alpayton: Thanks for the link to Penzeys. There are some things I can't seem to find locally anymore. Recently I discovered that celery powder (not celery SALT) has virtually disappeared from the selves, so I order a vat of it (well, about a quart, I guess) from an online site, but can't find the link. I REALLY want some dried mushrooms, but they are terribly pricey. I used to find them at Sam's Club, but even the manufacturer says they don't sell them retail anymore. If anyone can find a good deal on dried mushrooms, I would appreciate a link or a tip.


@alpayton: I big heart Penzey's. They have one downtown near the market. One of the first things I did when I moved into my apartment was load up on new spices. :) Seriously nothing makes a place home faster than a pile of fresh spices.

@eraten: I use SpiceCare to organize my spices. Label ALL THE THINGS. :)


I have tons, though they're mostly a really large collection of pretty ordinary spices. We have a classic rotating spice rack with the usual suspects, and then I have stacks of "baking spices" and my larger bottles that threaten to kamikaze onto my head every time I open the cabinet over the stove. Last week we need the range hood fixed, and it took a giant stainless steel mixing bowl to clear a quarter of the cabinet so the electrician could get a look.


Tons! Just a crap load of everything you could imagine. All are legal too... In all 50 states not just Texas.


Some of mine are so old - but they don't have expiration dates. Anyone know how long they keep, or does it depend on what it is. That said, everytime I make anything that needs a spice I don't have, I buy it. I end up with quite a few I don't use again any time soon if ever.


@klozitshoper: It sort of depends on what it is but if you keep your spices in a cool, dark spot in your house they'll last quite a while. If you find that they're not as potent as you like you can dry fry them in a pan to "wake them up" or just use more of them depending on the application. Sometimes though, they're just too far gone and you'll have to get new ones.


I keep several tiny bags of Oregano in my spice cabinet.
Just oregano
I swear.

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