questionsare there still any good deals on the nintendo…


This deal is the best that I could find (and is also listed on deals.woot)

As far as purchasing one at the store, Walmart offers the cheapest price at $169.96, or $15 plus tax more than the Acebeach one.


I just don't see why you would want one. They started selling them at a ridiculas price and were doing anything they could to sell them over the holidays. I think a lot of the gaming companies are starting to realize to stay with a good gaming platform and continue to make games for them, rather than come up with a new one every couple of years. People just are not buying multiple systems in today's economy. The DSi XL is what we have and we love it compared to the original DS.


@sizzlestick: That's the best there is O_o Ouch. Well then I may as well pay full price at a bestbuy or gamestop so as to avoid shipping fees and hassles.

@mkentosh: Why would I want one? I don't. I already have one and it's amazing. It's for someone else.