questionswhat are your plans for the 4th of july?


The same thing we do every 4th of July Pinky...
try to take over the world.


I'm going to be getting drunk and blowing $hit up!


@kamikazeken: Sounds like my plan, but we have a fireworks ban here because of the lack of rain. I'll be with you in spirit(s). Happy Independence Day!


@jsimsace: usually we only have the crappy lame "safe and sane" fireworks where I live in Norcal, but this year we're out in the midwest, and there's a huge fireworks store right down the street with mortars and bottlerockets the size of broomsticks. This year I budgeted $450 for fireworks.....


@kamikazeken: Pictures or it didn't happen! ;) Be safe!


Having about 50 people over to a BYOF (Bring Your Own Fireworks) with plenty of food.

Since there isn't much that's illegal around here should be a great time!

We've been doing this party for 4 years and each year it gets just a bit bigger and louder.


Sitting on a jumbo jet flying across the country. I am actually leaving at dusk, so don't think I will probably witness much if anything at all. Also have a 1-1/2 hour layover - so I will miss the fireworks displays that we have around here that are pretty awesome. Since they are shot off on the beach, there is no fire hazard.


I'll be cleaning up from storm damage.


Be making my own fireworks in the bedroom, then if we feel like it go see Spiderman. Other than that nothing. Going to be hot and fireworks are illegal in Houston.


I was thinking about sleeping a lot.


AYCE crabs with friends :)


Sitting in my room with the AC on and petting the furry kitties that own me as they jump on my keyboard!

Hey, a day off from work so I can relax, and I'm cool with it :)


Heading to the Nation's Capital for some toxic air, dangerous heat, and awesome fireworks with a few hundred thousand of my best compatriots.